Pressure Monitoring of Air Leakage Detection Equipment

Date: 2023-Jan-11

What is the Air Leakage Detector?

Air leakage detector is a commonly used device for detecting various gas leaks and product airtightness. Traditional testing equipment is low in precision, poor in efficiency, and greatly influenced by human factors. Moreover, products such as electrical components cannot quantitatively measure the risk of rusting. So Air Leakage detector will be used for testing.

What Are The Types Of Air Leakage Detectors? What Is Their Operating Principle?

Air leakage detectors are usually divided into direct pressure type, differential pressure type, flow type, and helium detection type. By inflating and pressurizing the product, it is judged whether the product is leaking through the change of air pressure. Among them, direct pressure type and differential pressure sensor are the two most common methods on the market.

The differential pressure detector inflates the standard product and the product to be tested respectively, the differential pressure sensor senses the pressure difference generated by the device and then displayed by the test computer. The direct pressure detector is to fill the test gas into the test product of the sealed fixture through the quantitative inflator, measure the gas pressure through the pressure sensor, and finally display it by the test computer.

What is the Function Of The Sensor on The Air Leakage Detector?

Pressure Sensor on Air Leakage Detector

From the above two test procedures, it is easy to draw a conclusion that the sensor is one of the most important components to judge whether the Air Leakage of the product is qualified, so the selected sensor must have the characteristics of high stability, high precision, and high technology. Micro Sensors provides high-precision pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors for air leakage detectors.

Products Recommended by Micro Sensors

MPM281VC High Stability High Precision Pressure Sensor

· Measuring range: 0~0.35Bar…1000Bar

· Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure

· Constant voltage power supply, standard output

· Isolated construction, enable to measure various media

· Φ19mm standard pressure sensor

· Full stainless steel 316L

In the future, MicroSensor will be committed to accurate measurement in more fields, and provide customized products and professional monitoring solutions for customers in different industries.


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