Brand New Pressure Transmitter for Hydrogen Pressure Measurement

Date: 2022-Dec-28

Hydrogen is widely used in industries and has abundant sources. It not only has high energy density, but also is environmental friendly. Today, in the goal of coping with climate change and building a decarbonized society, the development and utilization of hydrogen energy has been listed as an energy strategic direction by countries all over the world. The World Hydrogen Council predicts that by 2050, hydrogen energy supply will account for 18% of the world's total energy demand, and it will be the energy source with the most development potential in the future. Pressure monitoring is very important in every link of hydrogen production, conversion, transportation, storage, distribution and use. Micro Sensor designs the MPM480GH pressure transmitter, which is specially used for hydrogen pressure measurement to help users carry out hydrogen production and operation safely and reliably.

pressure transmitters for hydrogen

•  The gold-plated diaphragm is used to reduce the penetration of hydrogen gas and prevent the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement

•  Fully welded structure for good sealing performance

•  Explosion-proof circuit suitable for hazardous places

•  Development and verification under a hydrogen environment


MPM480GH pressure transmitter can be applied to the following applications:

•  Containerized, skid-mounted, and various customized hydrogen production systems

•  PEM fuel cell

•  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Station

•  Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle test system, etc.


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