IoT Wireless Control Data Platform

Date: 2021-Sep-07


Our sensor data platform serves for monitoring terminal products like pressure sensors, level sensors, etc. It can show site data in curve or table format. Moreover, customers can set and monitor the parameter of site products remotely. Users can know real-time site conditions remotely and provide accurate, efficient solutions once the emergency situation occurs.

iot wireless control data platform


Data Management

data platform

Remote Set

remote set in data platform

Parameter Set: Set alarm limits, sampling interval, sending interval, photo interval, IP address, etc. remotely. Accurate position location of every measure products through SIM card.

Group Management: Three Levels

Path Management: Set path parameter separately

Site Image

Customers can check the site images and collect history images.

Products Management

Online Renewal: check data usage and balance of measure products.

Expiration Reminder: SIM Card and instrument service expiration reminder

Users Management

mobile version data platform

Admin Account: change the settings and check data.

User Account: Check data only.

Mobile Application

Customers can check real-time, history, and alarm data and further analyze data conveniently through mobile devices to know site conditions better in time.

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Custom design is available, feel free to contact us via messages of email.

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