Wireless Pressure monitoring for Water Supply Pipeline Network

Date: 2022-Apr-14

nb-iot wireless pressure sensor

Low cost, simple operation, NB-IoT network

Ultra-low power consumption, work up to 3 years continuously

Wide range, massive connection to meet different needs of field applications

Water supply network, firefighting device, air conditioning system, industrial monitoring application etc.


water supply and heating pipeline with wireless pressure sensor

The water supply and heating pipeline network is a complex and large-scale fluid pipeline system. With the rapid growth of city development, increasing pipelines constitute the infrastructure of our modern life. The municipal pipeline is like a capillary tube and is integrated with the scattered urban buildings. The condition of the pipeline terminals is more concerned by the operators of the operation and maintenance. With the help of NB technology, the wireless pressure transmitter is building a new service model with its low deployment cost and wide-area coverage.


1. Economic pressure measurement terminal required for big data

2. Non-power supplied pressure measurement site

3. Wide area monitoring applications with the single physical quantity

4. Pressure transmitters capable of parameter setting remotely

5. Measurements need to be connected to third-party software


MPM6881 is a wireless pressure transmitter that integrates battery-powered, ultra-low power consumption, wireless communication, and pressure detection together.

1. Based on the extensive coverage of the NB-IoT public network, MPM6881 helps to realize online monitoring alarms of pressure points in a wider range.

2. Combined with the application of the big data platform, MPM6881 can be used to realize the remote configuration of the meter sampling interval, the sending interval, the alarm threshold, etc.

3. It is IP67 protected (IP68 is under development), can be applied to outdoor places.

4. The installation is simple and fast, the data can be uploaded by booting, and the field data can be conveniently queried through the PC or the mobile phone. MPM6881 wireless pressure transmitter is suitable for the pressure measurement applications without power supply.

5. It can be used in fire protection monitoring, water supply network, air conditioning system, industrial process, and many other applications.

nb-iot wireless pressure sensor mpm6881


· Ultra-low power consumption, NB-IoT network

· Integrated 19Ah battery powered

· LED breathing light status display

· Email/We Chat alarm messages

· Remotely setting of acquisition interval, sending interval, alarm upper and lower limit

remote wireless pressure monitoring topology




Pressure Type

Seal gauge/absolute pressure


LED notify light display

Communication Mode

NB-IoT(B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28)/ 2G(B2/B3/B5/B8)



Sampling Interval

1,5,10,30,60,360,720,1440 minutes

Sending Interval

1,5,10,30,60,360,720,1440 minutes

Wake-up Mode

Set Time, Press Key, Alarm wake-up

Configuration Mode


Power Consumption

Standby current ≤ 50uA, average transmission current ≤ 100mA

Working Temperature





Vertical/ horizontal

Outline Dimension

Hight:120mm Largest diameter ≤50mm


The effective application of the MPM6881 wireless pressure transmitter in the water industry will help to ensure water supply pressure balance and flow stability, and detect and predict pipe burst accidents timely.

For fire monitoring applied with MPM6881, it can be realized 24h online monitoring of the water pressure status of the water pipeline which helps to ensure fire safety.

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