Site Log for Product Installation at Water Dam in Aba Prefecture

Date: 2022-Apr-14


Location: Northwest Plateau - Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture.


1. Poor outdoor installation conditions;

2. Large Parshall flume-3m length * 1.1m width * 1.2m height, it is fix hydraulic structure in measuring volumetric flow rate in water dam. The Parshall flume accelerates flow through a contraction of both the parallel sidewalls and a drop in the floor at the flume throat.

3. Non-professional workers


1. Step one: move the Parshall flume to the bottom of the river bed, choose the right position and direction, and then make it welded.

prepare for install flow meter

2. Step two: fix the Parshall flume with concrete pouring.

install flow meter

3. Step three: On-site commissioning.

Lab conditions differ a lot from real working site conditions. For such complex application of different and large monitoring products, it needs more professional and accurate guide. Otherwise, it may delay construction progress and pressure or level products usage. For the following 2 days, detailed instructions are offered one by one and as a result, we made it. All the products are installed successfully—probe adjust, wiring, grounding, Earth 1006 relative parameters setting etc. It runs smoothly for more than 2 months already.

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Previous posts: Specification Update of MPM489/MPM489W Transmitter

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