Oil Field Remote Monitoring System--Saturn 300 Terminal

Date: 2022-Apr-14


Oil Field Pressure Monitoring System


Digital oilfields become more popular nowadays, the scene often needs to integrate power supply, transaction, and transform to monitor data.

Some disadvantages exist in data control terminal:


data control difficulties

Besides these disadvantages, low efficient and ordinary lock lead to the terminal has the danger of being stolen.


Oil well long-distance monitoring system is designed for the oil well environment which can provide power supply, display, warning collection, network transmission, and monitoring. Strong adaptability, standardized layout, high & low-pressure layered structure, destruction-protection & water-protection, and customer-designed are advantages of this system, coordinating with a secondary meter to collect pressure, voltage parameter and load to realize the unified scheduling and intelligent management of oil well.



System Composition

The Oil Well Long-Distance Monitoring System consists of an electronic parameter acquisition module, Saturn 300 long-distance terminal(including Saturn display panel), an industrial network switch, AC-DC switch power supply(24VDC), connecting terminal, controlling switch and socket.


pressure measuring for oil system


The RTU collected sensor data and displayed centralized to monitor station by the Internet. Then, then data will be transformed into oil field center by TCI/IP internet or GPRS.

oilfield pressure monitoring


1. High-impact SMC polyester material: this material can prevent the system from bad weather to adopt an abominable environment.

2. The design of security & double door: solve the loss of being stolen, the single-door operation not only to protect the equipment but also check data conveniently.

3. The district of strong and weak electricity: improve the security and stability of the signal.

4. Protected type wiring: solve the problem of easy to destroy.

5. Modularized layout: improve the speed of operation.

(4) System topology

This system consists of perception, transaction, transport, and application layer. The perception layer including equipment, pressure sensor, and other transducers while the application layer including servicer and mobile terminal. The transaction layer is Saturn 300 terminal, and the transport layer including GPRS, Internet, and so on.


Pressure Transmitters for Petroleum Oil

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