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Difference of Absolute, Gauge, Sealed Gauge and Differential Pressure Type

Date: 2020-Sep-02

In order to choose a pressure sensor suitable for different applications, pressure type is one of the key specifications including range, output signals etc.

Gauge Pressure

It takes the atmospheric pressure as the reference point. Since the atmospheric pressure may vary according to different locations, a gauge pressure sensor is needed to ensure accurate pressure measurement.

Generally, a gauge pressure sensor has a vented tube connecting atmosphere pressure as a reference point to measure the media pressure.

Sealed Gauge Pressure

It uses a pre-determined pressure as a reference point. For Micro Sensor pressure sensor, we use our local barometric pressure as reference. The sealed gauge pressure sensor is usually adopted on high-pressure measurements where atmospheric pressure changes have a very slight effect on the accuracy of the sensor.

Absolute Pressure

It takes the perfect vacuum as the reference point. A formula shows the difference between gauge and absolute pressure:

Absolute pressure = gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure

Differential Pressure

The pressure difference between two points or systems is known as differential pressures. Gauge is a specific differential pressure in that one pressure is always atmospheric. Differential Pressure is commonly associated with industrial processes because it is an important element used to maintain the proper pressure conditions for the effective working of the whole system. These gauges have two inlet ports (high-pressure port and low-pressure port) and each port is connected to the fluids whose pressure needs to be determined. Micro Sensor offers a series of differential pressure sensors for differential pressure measurement.

How to choose the pressure type?

When measuring the pressure of liquids or gas media, the pressure range is one factor of pressure type.

Pressure Range:≤ 0.02Mpa, ≥3.5MPa, 0.035MPa~3.5MPa.

Pressure Type: Gauge, Sealed Gauge, Absolute, Gauge, Absolute.

Since the atmospheric pressure may differ based on location, weather, and altitudes, the specific applications require different pressure types. If you are not sure which to choose, our experienced and professional sales engineers are pleased to offer help.

No matter absolute pressure, gauge pressure or differential pressure, Micro Sensor provides related pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for each type of pressure.

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