FAQs about Micro Sensor Quality Control

Date: 2023-Oct-13

How does Micro Sensor Ensure the Quality of Product Raw Materials?

• High-Quality Supplier

When purchasing from new suppliers, the supply chain department will investigate processing capabilities, craftsmanship, material quality, quality assurance capabilities, and risk management and control. Investigations and verifications are carried out in accordance with regulations. For suppliers that have already cooperated, the quality inspection department will regularly evaluate and review based on the previous supply status. When the results meet the specified requirements, normal procurement work will continue. The standard for supplier evaluation and selection are different for different grades of materials.

• Raw Materials Sample Verification

Before large-scale purchasing, the quality inspection department and technical personnel will review the raw materials according to specifications. Raw materials can only be purchased in bulk if they meet quality verification standards.

• Incoming Material Inspection

After the purchased raw materials arrive, the purchasing department first checks the packaging, specifications and quantity of the raw materials. After confirmation, the incoming factory inspector will conduct testing and inspection according to Micro Sensor's inspection procedures. Only qualified products can enter the workshop production link.

What's the Quality Management during the Production Process?

Micro Sensor effectively controls all factors that affect the quality of the production process, such as personnel, equipment, environment, processes, etc. We keep the production process under expected control to ensure product quality.

• Necessary Training for Production Personnel

Production personnel must pass job skills training, assessment and on-the-job operation certificate review before officially taking up the job. Production staff must strictly follow the product operation instructions provided by the technical department. Information records need to be maintained during the production implementation process. Regular training and assessment will also continue to strengthen the operational standardization level of production workshop staff.

• Production Environment Control

Environmental management ensures each production line meet the control requirements. Every workplace must meet the operating environment requirements, such as temperature, static electricity and cleanliness, etc. Taking the sensitive element pressure sensor workshop as an example, production employees must wear anti-static work clothes when entering the production area; all process workbenches are equipped with anti-static measures. The clean room of the production workshop requires the control of temperature, humidity and cleanliness. When the measurement results exceed the control requirements, immediate feedback will be measured, and adjustment will be provided.

• Conduct Regular Inspections of Equipment

A daily routine check of equipment is performed. In addition, Micro Sensor strictly uses calibration equipment for regular maintenance and inspection of production equipment and instruments. Carry out maintenance on time and keep records. This is important to ensure the stability and high accuracy of pressure sensors, pressure transducers, flow meters and other products. 

• Inspection Control on Production Process

Qualified inspectors will conduct re-inspection of products and plant patrol of the workshop. QC department monitoring controls can effectively avoid production personnel errors. When problems occur, feedback is immediately provided for correction and product traceability. Micro Sensor also has long-term training courses and assessment indicators to improve the inspection level of quality inspection personnel.

What Are the Control Procedures for Unqualified Products?

To prevent the unintended use or delivery of substandard products, Micro Sensor effectively controls the defective products that occur throughout the entire production process from product raw materials to finished products. The following is the control flow chart for MicroSensor's unqualified products: 

Control Procedures for MicroSensor Unqualified Products


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