FAQ about Groundwater Monitoring

Date: 2024-Mar-01


What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is the water below the surface of the earth. Groundwater is stored underground in rock and soil pores. This water comes primarily from rainfall, melting snow, and ice. The top of groundwater is the water level. The lowest layer can be as deep as ten kilometers.

Why Monitor Groundwater?

• Drinking Water Safety: Many areas rely on groundwater as a source of drinking water. Monitoring groundwater ensures the quality of drinking water and detects any potential contamination issues early.

• Industrial & Agricultural Water Use: Many industrial and agricultural activities require large amounts of groundwater. Monitoring groundwater ensures that these activities do not negatively impact groundwater ecosystem.

• Regulatory requirements: Many countries and regions have laws and regulations for the use and protection of groundwater, such as Chile and California in the United States.

What Does MicroSensor Do for Groundwater Monitoring

• Water Level Monitoring:

Hydrostatic level transmitter monitors the water level status and water level drop of groundwater. The water level monitoring actually represents the groundwater pressure. Pressure changes can reflect changes in groundwater levels. Level sensor also can cooperate with submersible pump to improve the power consumption and life of the pump.

• Water Quantity Monitoring:

Electromagnetic flow meters installed in water pipes accurately measure groundwater flow and usage. These data can be used for water resource management. Additionally, electromagnetic flow meters can help identify potential leaks or waste. Effectively monitor and record to better protect and manage groundwater resources.

• Flood Prevention:

Submersible level transmitters or ultrasonic level sensors can monitor the level of groundwater, rivers, and channels. When level rises, the level instrument promptly warns of the rising trend. This provides important information for flood warning and emergency response. Groundwater levels combined with surface water monitoring data provide a more comprehensive flood warning system.


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