FAQs about Pressure Monitoring for Industrial Gases

Date: 2024-Jan-12

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What's Industrial Gases?

Industrial gases are produced, processed, and used in industry. These gases are typically produced and supplied by industrial gas companies. These industrial gases are in suitable containers or pipes to meet specific needs. Common industrial gases include:

•  Nitrogen: Used for inerting, purging, and blanketing. It is a pressurizing gas in food processing, electronics, and metal fabrication.

• Oxygen: Essential for combustion processes, metal cutting, and welding in industries such as metal fabrication and aerospace.

•  Carbon Dioxide: Utilized in food and beverage applications, as well as in welding and metal fabrication processes.

• Argon: Often used in welding applications to improve arc stability and reduce spatter.

• Hydrogen: Used in the chemical industry, electronics manufacturing, and as a fuel for fuel cells. Hydrogen also applies to the production of ammonia.

Why Industrial Gases Need Pressure Measurement?

• Safety: Abnormal pressure value may cause the gas container to explode or leak. Pressure testing helps ensure gas containers are within safe operating limits.

• Standard Regulations: Many national and industry standards stipulate that industrial gas containers must undergo regular pressure testing.

• Quality control: During production, gas pressure is strictly controlled to ensure the stability and quality of the production process. During storage and transportation, pressure monitoring ensures that the concentration and purity of industrial gases are within control.

Different Types of Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Gases

• Vertical/ Horizontal High-pressure Bulk Storage Tank

The sensors measure pressure at both the top and bottom of the tank. Calculating pressure difference between two ends. The resulting value indicates the pressure of the cryogenic liquified gas. It is finally converted to a precise level value.

• Compressed Gas Cylinder

The pressure transmitter in the gas cylinder monitors the pressure of gas supply line and gas supply tank. Pressure transmitters provide signal output to indicate low pressures. In a PLC warning system, pressure sensors actively monitor the pressure to control the switchover manifold automatically.

• Nitrogen Generator/Oxygen Generator

Pressure transmitters monitor the pressure inside the container and the variable pressure adsorption process.


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