Meet MicorSensor at Sensors Converge 2024

Date: 2024-May-29


Sensors Converge 2024 is North America's largest electronics event for design engineers. MicroSensor is excited to announce that we will showcase sensor technology and measuring solutions at the event. 

Key Details

● Date: June 24 - 26, 2024

● Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

● Booth: NO.1242

Sensors Converge Invitation.jpeg

At Sensors Converge 2024, MicroSensor will exhibit the latest high-sensitivity pressure sensors and smart transmitters, highlighting their advanced capabilities and applications in the sensor technology domain.

MicroSensor high-sensitivity pressure sensors result in accurate and precise measurements. Additionally, they are characterized by miniaturization, allowing for integration into smaller spaces.

The key advantage of a pressure transmitter lies in its wide range, suitability for various media, strong overload, and anti-interference ability. These features collectively enhance efficiency, reliability, and adaptability.  

Meet MicroSensor at booth NO.1242 of Sensors Converge 2024. MicroSensor teams and experts are eager to talk to you about our latest sensing and measurement products and solutions.


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MDM7000-DGP Accuracy: ±0.075%,±0.1%,±0.2%URL
MDM7000-DAP Accuracy: ±0.1%、±0.2%URL
MDM7000-DGP Range:60mbar ~400bar
MDM7000-DAP Range: 0.4bar~100bar
Long-term stability: ±0.1%SPAN/5years
Maximum turndown ratio: 100:1

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