Successful Conclusion of Micro Sensor 2023 Fire Emergency Drill and Safety Training Course

Date: 2023-Dec-12


In November 2023, Micro Sensor held the fire emergency drill and safety training course. All staff, especially those working in flammable and explosive areas participated in this activity in Baoji Industrial Park and Xi'an Industrial Park, aiming to improve their fire safety awareness and response abilities. 

Fire Emergency Safety Training at Micro Sensor

Training Contents

The safety training course includes safety lectures, fire equipment usage, and accident analysis. The safety lecture mainly introduced knowledge about prevention and evacuation. Besides, the experts demonstrated the correct usage of fire extinguishers, hydrants, and fire hoses. Then, the experts talked about some fire accidents that occurred in real life and summarized a series of lessons. Finally, an emergency evacuation drill was conducted by simulating a fire accident.

Micro Sensor Fire Emergency Training


With the mission of contributing value to individuals and society, Micro Sensor has always attached great importance to the safety of employees' lives and property. We hope that this event will make every employee aware of the seriousness of fires, and prevent the occurrence of fires. As long as taking proper precautions and responding quickly, it is believed that the loss can be minimized even if a disaster strikes.


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