Resilience and Achievement: The Making of a Role Model

Date: 2023-Dec-01


Du Shuxin is one of the longest-serving members of the Silicon Micro-fused Project Department. He has persevered in technology studies and experiments to strengthen the performance of products in challenging conditions. 

MicroSensor Micro-fused Pressure Sensor Engineer

Engineer Du in MicroSensor

In the past two years, the R&D of silicon micro-fused products such as MPM4511A hydraulic pressure transmitter and MPM4511 silicon micro-fused pressure transmitter have expanded the global reach. This demonstrates his success in technical expertise and professional understanding.

Du Shuxin actively plans the long-term technological development of the department and greatly improves product design capabilities through cooperation with universities. He led the product team to repeatedly research solutions and solve the problem of product temperature sensitivity, making the product show extremely excellent stability.

MicroSensor overseas customers

Award for Silicone Micro-fused Project Department

Du has been dedicated to cultivating more professionals in Silicone Micro-fused Project Department for Micro Sensor, inspiring the technical team's passion for learning through leading by example, and driving a rise in the R&D team's professional skills. These efforts have laid a solid foundation for the future development of the silicone micro-fused project.

Looking ahead, Du Shuxin will continue to lead the silicone micro-fused technical team in contributing more and better products to the market more efficiently. It is believed that under his proactive efforts, the silicone micro-fused project will seize the opportunity for a remarkable revitalization and achieve even greater development.


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