Brand New German Website Now Launched

Date: 2021-Sep-07

The new version website accelerates the Micro Sensor business layout in the German and European markets. Visit to enjoy an upgraded browsing experience, content layout, visual expression, and more localized content and services. We will provide more excellent products and industry solutions in the future.

Brand New German Website Now Launched

Better Local Services

The newly revamped German website displays products and services in German. Localized services enable German customers to understand Micro Sensor better.

1. Product Filter

Brand New German Website product filter

Customers can make selections based on important product parameters, such as pressure range, output signal, etc. Customers get the right pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, and flow meters they need faster and more accurately.

2. More Detailed Pictures

Brand New German Website product picture

The new website offers more than one picture for each product, which can be enlarged to show more details.

3. Download the Manual and Datasheet

Each product page contains manual and datasheet. You can download it more conveniently. Of course, it also supports online display, adjusting the size according to your needs. If you have other needs or requirements, please fill in your needs in the form. Our professional sales engineers will reply to you soon.

Professional Services from Micro Sensor

Micro Sensor Co., LTD. focuses on providing professional pressure sensing and measuring products and solutions. Our products apply in various industries around the world.

Micro Sensor GmbH,  established in 2018, aims to serve German partners better. German team has provides reliable products, solutions and professional services for European customers in the past two years. Micro Sensor GmbH will make continuous growth and innovation. Our mission is committed to providing customers easily purchase and worry-free after-sales.

Feel free to visit our German website and if you have any questions, contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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