Electromagnetic Flow Meter Quantitative Control Application

Date: 2021-Sep-07


On the terminal block of the electromagnetic flow meter, there are IN+ and AL. Connect the leading wires of these two terminals to the "Start button” or "Start control signal” (see below Figure 1) to start up quantitative control synchronously.

External synchronous start control switch

External synchronous start control switch

When the start button is pressed, the converter records the "current cumulative amount" and calculates the "target cumulative amount" based on the quantitative value to start counting.

When the target value is reached, it outputs the level control signal (output by terminals AH and COM). The target value can be freely set according to the needs of actual control.

Control Methods

Below are the actual circuit diagrams for the two control methods for field application reference.

1. Control in electrical Level

If the external quantitative control circuit operates as Figure 2, AH is a higher electrical level than COM when the quantitative is not reached while AH is lower electrical level than the COM on the contrary.

Electrical Level Control

Figure 2 Electrical Level Control

2. Control in relay

If the external quantitative control circuit operates as Figure 3, the normally open node of the relay can be used. When the quantification is not reached, the internal transistor is turned off, the coil is not energized, and the node is disconnected; if the quantitative gets to set value, the internal transistor is turned on, the coil is energized, and the node is closed.


Control in the relay

Figure 3 Control in the relay

All the above functions can be implemented only when the measurement direction of the electromagnetic flow meter is positive measurement and has a cumulative function.

Menu Setting

Aside from the hardware, there are two software menu settings in electromagnetic flowmeter for quantitative control, cumulative flow unit, and quantitative control settings.

1. Cumulative flow unit

Cumulative flow units are optional from 0.001m3、0.01m3、0.1m3、1.0m3、0.001L、0.01L、0.1L and 1.0L

2. Quantitative control settings

This is used to set the quantitative value. For example 2.000m3.

After completing all these settings, a complete and reliable quantitative control system can be put into use, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the staff and greatly improve the reliability and accuracy of the production process control.


During the quantitative control progress, the display of the electromagnetic flowmeter shows several values:


down buttonand these values can be showed switchable.

+ 0000043.000 m3 ( Positive cumulative amount)

DL 2.000 m3 ( Quantitative value)

The example above shows that when the current cumulative amount is 43.000m3 and the quantitative value reaches 2.000 m3, the target value of the quantitative trigger signal is 45.000 m3.

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