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Level Measurement for Chemical Tank on the Ship

Date: 2022-Mar-31


There are many pollutants in the ocean, one of them is the leakage of various transport vessels at sea, which will damage the ecological resources and cause marine pollution.

Differs from the ballast tank, the main function of the ship that transport chemicals is to store and transport liquid cargo by closed compartment. Most of the liquid cargoes are flammable and explosive that some will emit a large amount of toxic and harmful gases and even poisonous gases.

In order to ensure the safety of the ship's operation, especially during the loading and unloading procedure, it is essential to prevent the liquid level from being too high to overflow which will cause fire or ocean pollution. Therefore, the key parameters on the ship must be monitored in real-time.

level measurement for chemical tank in ship

Level Measurement

Most liquid cargo ships are loaded sealed. Users can master the pressure, temperature and liquid level in the liquid tank based on the data uploaded by the sensor.

There are many ways to measure the liquid level, including by float ball, by the pressure sensor, radar and ultrasonic. The liquid level measurement by the pressure sensor is easy to operate and install, so it is widely used increasingly.

pressure sensor for level measurement

Choose a Pressure Sensor

1. Since the chemicals are highly corrosive, the sensor probe and cable should have strong corrosion resistance.

The MPM426TC level transmitter, produced by Micro Sensor, is fully stainless steel 316L constructed. It is sealed with a special sealing ring and is made of high temperature and corrosion-resistant Teflon cable.


2. According to the customer's requirements, select 4-20mA analog signal to simulate the liquid tank height.

3. Change the submersible type to the flange type to install and fix. The junction box is reserved which is convenient for installation and maintenance.



Level Transmitter MPM426TC

MPM426TC Level Transmitter

Range: 2 3.5 5 7 10 20 35mH2O

Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

Housing: Stainless steel 316L

Sealing Gasket: Special seal o-ring

Operation Temperature: -25℃~80℃

Cable: Φ7.2mm Teflon cable

Protection: IP68


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