Micro Sensor Highlight Review at CIPPE 2024 & CHEE 2024

Date: 2024-Apr-02


MicroSensor participated in two industry exhibitions in March. We not only showcased pressure sensors and pressure transmitters in the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries, but also provided dedicated monitoring instrument solutions for the petrochemical industries.

Hydrogen Energy Monitoring Solutions

MicroSensor appeared with innovative monitoring products and solutions at Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells Expo China 2024. Our measurement solutions cover the production, storage and utilization of hydrogen. MPM480GH pressure transmitter and MPM489FL explosion-proof transmitter are specially designed for measuring hydrogen pressure. Technical experts discussed technology and shared experiences with partners. Our solutions are dedicated to promoting hydrogen energy technology advancement and application expansion. MicroSensor measuring instruments in the hydrogen field contribute to the sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Hydrogen Energy Monitoring Solutions

Petrochemical Monitoring Instruments Solutions


Our pressure, level, temperature, and flow instruments meet the complex monitoring environment of the petroleum industry. MicroSensor products have mainly been applied to oilfield water injection monitoring, storage tanks of oil and water, oil and gas transportation and distribution systems, oil and gas wells, etc. The achievement of more efficient resource utilization, stricter safety management, and smaller environmental impact upon the measurement solutions. MicroSensor accumulated rich R&D experience and project caseshas in the petroleum and petrochemical field for decades. Actively communicate and negotiate with global customers at the exhibition site.

Petrochemical Monitoring Instruments

MicroSenor will continue to attend exhibitions to convey its advanced technology and innovative capabilities in the field of sensors to the world. We hope to contribute to global energy transition and sustainable dsevelopment through measurement solutions.


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