Comprehensive Renovation and Expansion of Micro Sensor Manufacturing Workshop

Date: 2023-Nov-09


After a two-month process, the Micro Sensor pressure sensor manufacturing workshop has successfully undergone a comprehensive renovation and expansion! This aims to provide a better working environment, enhance production efficiency, and ensure the highest quality standards for products.

pressure sensor manufacturing workshop

MicroSensor Factory

Pressure Sensor Assembly Lines

Micro Sensor Manufacturing Workshop

As a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors, Micro Sensor has been committed to excellence. In this renovation, not only were the anti-static facilities completely upgraded, but the production site was also expanded. In addition, the introduction of automated equipment and air filtration systems has significantly improved the working and resting environment. These series of improvements are aims to enhance the workshop's production capacity and improve the comfort of employees. 

Visiting Channel

Besides the clean and bright production workshop and the efficient product assembly lines, it is worth mentioning the separate visitor passageway. This new addition effectively handles the flow of people, materials, and visitors while minimizing any disruption caused by external events to the daily production process. It also contributes to the protection of proprietary technology, safeguarding the confidentiality of the company's core expertise. 

Enhancing Production Efficiency

Micro Sensor has been committed to manufacturing high-quality pressure sensors, and this renovation project aims to enhance production efficiency to meet the growing market demand. The introduction of new automated instrument has made the production process more efficient. With workers able to focus on monitoring and optimizing the production line instead of repetitive tasks, not only has product consistency increased, but delivery times have also been shortened, making Micro Sensor more competitive.

Improving Working Environment

The renovated workshop not only enhances production efficiency, but also prioritizes the working environment for employees. Air cleanliness management measures ensure the air quality in the production workshop, reduce the presence of particulate matter and harmful substances, and are beneficial to the health of employees. Air filtration measures ensure air quality in the workshop, reducing the presence of particles and harmful substances, thereby benefiting employee health. Additionally, the rest area has been redesigned to provide a more comfortable space for employees to rest and relax during busy workdays.

MicroSensor Workshop Seating Area

Manufacturing Workshop Working Environment

Promoting Sustainable Development

Micro Sensor has always been adhered to the concept of sustainable development. In this renovation, the company has taken more environmentally friendly measures. Waste recycling and reuse programs have been strengthened to ensure the proper disposal of waste, reducing the environmental burden. Additionally, the renovation of new anti-static facilities also helps to prevent static interference in the pressure sensors and tranducers manufacturing process, improving product reliability and stability.

Future Outlook

This renovation will lay a solid foundation for the company's future development and help meet the growing market demand.  Micro Sensor looks forward to expanding its market share in the future and achieving greater success not only in the domestic market but also in the international market.

The operation of the new workshop will make the company more competitive, not only in terms of providing higher production yield of sensor products but also in providing a better working environment for employees. This renovation project reflects the company's commitment to continuous innovation and improving customer satisfaction, as well as making the company more sustainable.


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