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Date: 2024-May-24


A company's ability to grow depends on its talent. In this edition of MICROSENSOR PERSONNEL, let's focus on Process Industry Business Division II and explore the stories of young talents!

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In Process Industry Business Division II, Yang Rongxia is a fresh force. She has upgraded and refined the construction components of smart pressure transmitters, offering strong technical support for the MDM7000 series smart pressure transmitter to enter the lithium industry. Although the market environment is changing quickly, she is able to adapt to all of the changes. She handles every customer's request with professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility. She also assumes significant responsibility when needed and significantly contributes to the growth of the business. To support the operation of two business units in creating a competitive brand and laying the groundwork for the creation of a product series, she adheres to the research and development pace and fully utilizes her abilities.

Personal Picture Qiao.png

Another emerging force in the Process Industry Business Division II is Qiao Jiujiang. He has demonstrated exceptional working ability in the BOM construction and MDM7100 smart pressure transmitter display programming tasks. He overcame issues with hardware design and program optimization in the low-temperature LCD project to achieve a breakthrough in the low-temperature display effect while staying within power consumption limits. His mastery of the pertinent intrinsically safe design specifications came from learning from both external organizations and senior members of the community.

Members of the Process Industry Business Division II demonstrate their talents and collaborate to overcome a wide range of obstacles as the team grows. We do not doubt that the Process Industry Business Division II will be able to accomplish its outstanding feats!


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