Micro Sensor Won the IoT Star Awards - Top 100 Chinese IoT Enterprises

Date: 2024-Jun-06


Recently, the IOTE & "2023 IoT Star Awards" annual ceremonies were held in Shanghai, China. Micro Sensor was invited to attend this ceremony in recognition of its exceptional sensor performance. In the end, Micro Sensor was recognized as one of the "Top 100 Chinese IoT Enterprises—Perception Layer" due to its outstanding achievements in the R&D of sensors, its comprehensive IoT solutions, and its overall corporate strength.

Known as the "Oscar" of the IoT industry, the "IoT Star Awards" are among the most significant and powerful honors in China's IoT industry. Since 2008, this award program has been held yearly to identify and recognize businesses, products, cases, and individuals that have made exceptional contributions to the IoT space, helping to propel the growth of the sector as a whole. The "IoT Star Awards" this year drew participation from hundreds of outstanding IoT companies, and more than one million people voted online.

IoT Star Awards Ceremony.png

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been growing quickly as technology advances. The IoT is currently a vital infrastructure that links every country in the world. The fundamental structure used to build and arrange the entire IoT system is known as the IoT technology architecture. It outlines the connections and ways in which different IoT components—such as sensors, gateways, and cloud platforms—interact with one another. 

The Perception Layer, Transport Layer, Processing Layer, Application Layer, and Business Layer are the five layers that make up an IoT architecture. Of these, the Perception Layer serves as the IoT system's cornerstone and is in charge of gathering data and information from the outside environment. It is made up of a variety of sensors, detectors, and intelligent devices that keep an eye on and detect various environmental conditions and parameters. Since it is the fundamental component that makes it possible for everything to be connected, the Perception Layer can be thought of as the "senses" and "skin" of the IoT. 

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Micro Sensor, a manufacturer of industrial instrumentation including sensors, transmitters and flowmeters with a global reach, has long been well-versed in sensor technology. The company provides industrial measuring instrument solutions including pressure, level, temperature, and flow, contributing diverse IoT perception layer products and technical solutions to the scenarios, technology development, and empowerment of the IoT industry.

Micro Sensor's impressive capabilities in technology R&D, business operations, and overall competitiveness are demonstrated by this award win. The business will continue to highlight the close connection between sensors and the IoT going forward. To foster superior industry development, Micro Sensor will share platform and ecosystem resources with upstream and downstream clients, expediting technological advancements, product development, and application deployment.


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