Firework Pipeline Pressure Monitoring

Date: 2022-Mar-31

1. Background

It is vital to guarantee the normal operation of firework system once an emergency occurs for personal and property safety. With the aim of improving fireworks efficiency, the Chongqing firework department constructs an IoT firework system: remote wireless monitoring of firework equipment in school, KTV and hotel, etc. It incorporates level monitoring of fire water tank, pressure monitoring of spray system pipeline, pressure monitoring of fire hydrant, etc.

Our MPM6861G (W) intelligent wireless pressure (level) transmitter, Earth1006 remote monitoring unit are the key products of the system mentioned above, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

Firework Pipeline Pressure Monitoring

2. Requirements

(1) Media

Level monitoring of fire water tank, pressure monitoring of spray system pipeline, pressure monitoring of fire hydrant.

(2) Equipment Protection

Installation room are wet that all equipment should be moisture-proof, water-proof and dust-proof.

(3) Network

Wireless network is available in the firework water pump room which locates underground. The main question is information transmission.

(4) Power Supply

The wired power supply is prior to be DC24V (in accordance with firework equipment), the wireless power supply is prior to be battery powered.

(5) Data Transmission

The monitoring data should be sent to the firework department system platform regularly.

(6) Products Installation

There are centralized and scattered installation sites. It is prior to considering the share of data transmission equipment for the centralized installation sites.

(7) Alert Function

The remote monitoring terminal should display default information and the pressure and level monitoring products should have the ability to overload protection.

(8) Products Qualification

Products quality documents shall be provided; in the meanwhile, all the measuring equipment shall have formal measurement approval by government bureaus.


3. System

The firework water monitoring system consists of three parts: sensing, network transmission and system application:

System Software: firework remote monitoring platform (B/S)

Communication Platform: CMCC GPRS /Global Bands/ NB-IoT;

Data collection and Transmission Product:

Earth1006 remote monitoring unit (multiple path)

MPM6861G (W) intelligent wireless pressure (level) transmitter;

Measuring Products:MPM4893 pressure transmitterMPM4893W level transmitter.

firework water monitoring system

firework water monitoring system

4. Application


firework water monitoring system application

5. Product Introduction

MPM6861G (W) intelligent wireless pressure (level) transmitter

MPM6861G (W) intelligent wireless pressure (level) transmitter

Earth1006 remote monitoring unit

Earth1006 remote monitoring unit

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