Wireless Monitoring Solution for Firefighting Device
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1. Project Background

Firefighting devices, as an important part of modern buildings, are essential to ensure the safety of buildings, human life and property. Therefore, keeping the water pressure of firework pipe stable and water amount of firework pool sufficient becomes a key factor whether we can take actions in time once fire emergency occurs.

Along with the widely apply of IOT solution, the wireless monitoring  becomes the best choice for firefighting device monitoring. By applying sensors like pressure sensors, level sensors etc. at local site and uploading monitoring data of firefighting devices to data platform through internet, it is able to realize wireless monitoring and alarm of parameters such as firework pipeline pressure, firework pool water level etc. and ensure the firefighting device operate normally.

Requirements needs to be satisfied

> Water pressure monitoring of spray pipeline: higher and lower pressure limits set, alarm send automatically when the value exceed the limits.

> Level monitoring of firework pool: higher and lower level limits set, alarm send automatically when the value exceed the limits.

Data transmission wirelessly

> Data interact with third party server


2. Solutions Provided

Remote monitoring terminal together with sensor, such as pressure sensors , level, flow sensor etc. is the main method to monitor water supply of firefighting devices. It is able to monitor water pressure of firefighting pipeline and water level of firefighting water pool at real time. Moreover, when the monitoring parameter is lower than the low limit, it will send alarm which ensures staff discover abnormal situations like pipeline blockage, valve close, pipeline damage etc. in time and take actions to keep the firefighting devices operate normally.

(1). Solution Functions



(2). Features ( RTU )

> IP68 Protected, flame resistance material

> Measuring spot monitored separately, no systematic risk

Multi parameter monitored, cost-efficient

Industrial sensor adopted, stable performance

> APN supported, monitoring data transmission via private network

> Modularization designed , easy for quick install 

(3). Topology Diagram

The whole system consists of sensor data platform monitoring system software, remote monitoring terminal  and onsite sensors.


(4) . Installation



3. Products Related

(1). Intelligent firefighting remote monitoring terminal


ThIntelligent firefighting remote monitoring terminal is a monitoring device integrates super low energy consumption, wireless communication as well as various sensors collection. It is suitable to perform functions such as data collection, storage, alarm and transmission etc. for applications like underground well, firefighting safety as well as water supply and drainage pipeline and so on.

(2). MPM4893(W) Pressure Transmitter/Level Transmitter


4. Data Platform

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform(PC)



Every computer can open our web sensor data platform. It offers data analysis and collection, moreover, customers can use their own server to realized self-data management.

Based on the big data platform , customer can check and export real-time and history data, analyze data in trend curve and set administrators etc. What’s more, customized monitoring and management platform is available according to different requirements.

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform (Mobile)

Customers can check real-time, history data conveniently through mobile devices to know site conditions better in time.


Third party Data interface

Server types of sensor data monitoring platform


For customer own server, it supports data interface and communication protocol. We offer you interface analysis file.