Micro Sensor's 6th Technical Conference: Shared Platform & Integrated Development

Date: 2024-Jan-26

The 6th Technology Conference with the theme of “Shared Platform & Integrated Development” has been successfully held. Almost one hundred R&D and technical personnel talked about the research and development of sensing technology. The meeting aims to build a high-level technology-sharing platform.

 chief engineer of MicroSensor

The chief engineer Mr. Cai delivered an opening speech. MicroSensor achieved a series of technological advancements and breakthroughs in 2023. We would continue to promote the construction of technology platforms. The excellent development results will get internal sharing.

technical sharing at MicroSensor

MicroSensor internal sharing

Different departments had a further discussed in software design, product architecture, product development and so on. The meeting also awarded outstanding individuals and teams in 2023.


MicroSensor technical awards

Vice Chairman of Micro Sensor

Mr. Zhao, Vice Chairman, made a concluding speech. He emphasized: "Technological innovation is the core engine driving the development. Only by solving customer requirements can we turn our technological capabilities into product capabilities."


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