Micro Sensor Annual Gala & Awards Ceremony Wraps Up

Date: 2024-Feb-04

Looking back on 2023, MciroSensor has achieved breakthroughs again and again. Looking forward to 2024, MicroSensor is ready to achieve its goals. On February 1, the Annual Gala & Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Market Triumph, Industrial Stability, Incremental Progress" was held simultaneously in Xi'an, Baoji, and Shanghai.


New Year Speech

Chairman Han Jiale delivered a New Year's speech

Chairman Han wished all employees a happy New Year on behalf of the board of directors. Mr. Han expressed his affirmation of the company's achievements in the past year. He hopes that by 2024, Mike will become a leading company in the sub-industry.

Vice Chairman Zhao of MicroSensor

Vice Chairman Zhao summarized the company's development in 2023 and planned its development prospects for 2024.

He said that in 2023 MicroSensor will focus on the field of industrial automation sensors. In the past year, the company has improved its three major business layouts: discrete industry, process industry, and precision instrumentation. All business segments have achieved good growth. The company's R&D innovation level and process management efficiency continue to improve. The business reorganization of MicroSesnor and LEEG Instruments went smoothly. In 2024, the company will focus on "product strength". All Mike members must continue to adhere to long-termism.

Honorary Commendation

Honorary Commendation

MicroSensor commends individuals and teams that have achieved outstanding achievements in their work in 2023. The awarding of these awards not only affirms the work achievements of employees and teams, but also inherits and promotes the hard-working spirit of Mac people.

Performance Session

Performance Session of Micro Sensor Annual Gala

Poetry Recitations of Micro Sensor Annual Gala

MicroSensor Oversales Department

Show of MicroSensor

Band performances, poetry recitations, singing and dancing, and Chinese traditional Quyi... Mike employees presented wonderful cultural programs. The mysterious lottery draw pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.

As spring approaches, today we celebrate our past three decades and eagerly envision the next thirty years, even more vibrant and colorful!


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