Micro Sensor National Tour Seminar Successfully Held at Shenzhen Station

Date: 2023-Aug-25


Smart Sensing Future · Exploring the Infinite Potential of Smart Sensing Technology

The Micro Sensor National Tour Seminar 2023 successfully concluded in Shenzhen on August 16th. Our seminar featured in-depth discussions on technology and solutions for measurement and control.


Micro Sensor experts showed the latest products, services, and solutions about measurement and control. Our experts frequently interacted with the attendees and on-site experts, creating a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Pressure Sensing Technology Sharing

The conference site showcased pressure, level, temperature, and flow measurement products. These include the next-generation PVDF/PFA corrosion-resistant pressure and level transmitters, high-accuracy electromagnetic and vortex flowmeters, and the latest generation of multivariable monocrystalline silicon smart pressure transmitter for process industries.

Micro Sensor pressure transmitter

Since 1971, Micro Sensor has emerged as a leading company in China's industrial measurement and control instrument industry. Our product includes pressure, level, temperature, flow instruments.

Micro Sensor has deep roots in oil and chemical, food and pharmaceutical, water conservancy, environmental protection. We provide customized products and solutions to over 20000 customers. In the future, Micro Sensor will continue to drive the development of digitization, automation, and intelligent solutions in various fields.


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ATEX Pressure Transmitter

Water Pressure Transmitter

General / Flush Diaphragm
CE, RoHS, ATEX approved

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Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

Water Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy: ±0.075%,±0.05%,±0.1%URL
Range: 60mbar~100bar
Long-term stability: ±0.1%SPAN/5years
Maximum turndown ratio:100:1

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Submersible Level Transmitter for Fuel and Chemicals Measurement

Water Pressure Transmitter

Fully welded structure, FFKM sealing ring and various cables like PUR, PFA optional
Output mode: 4mA~20mA, 1V~5V, 0.5V~4.5V...RS485-Modbus, etc.
Magnetic end cap for mobile tanks measurement and NPT1/4 male thread connection for side mounting of tank bottom
Low power consumption

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Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter

Water Pressure Transmitter

Applicable for Hydraulic and Pneumatic
0bar~16bar …350bar

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