Radiant Dedication: Ms. Peng's Inspiring Passion

Date: 2024-Jan-17


Peng Weihua, the regional manager in the Sales Management Department is affectionately referred to by her colleagues as "Teacher Peng, the one who radiates her light." Peng not only has a passion for learning and is diligent in contemplation, but also excels in interpersonal communication. With a rigorous work ethic, she has achieved impressive results in her work in just a few short years, leveraging these strengths.  



Peng transferred from the sensor workshop to the Sales Management Department. During her time in the sensor manufacturing department, she was primarily responsible for the laser trimming process, which required recording and organizing a significant amount of modulation data each day. With a keen interest in data processing, she developed a data processing template for this process, significantly streamlining the workflow and subsequently improving work efficiency.  

Due to her outstanding achievements in her previous position, the company specially approved her transfer to the Sales Management Department to better utilize her talents. It is precisely because of her continuous contemplation, commitment to innovation, and willingness to share with others that the title "Teacher Peng" came about.  


The Sales Management Department is a functional department that empowers the business side. Peng deeply understands that each contract signed by sales colleagues is hard-won, so she rigorously demands of herself when reviewing contracts to ensure thoroughness and rigor in the review process. In the case of unclear information, she insists on patiently communicating to obtain confirmation. She also keeps in mind the ordering habits of important customers to provide necessary references to the business side. When the business side encounters problems, she actively proposes ideas and seeks solutions with the ultimate goal of problem-solving, fully providing support and assistance.  

Peng is also responsible for creating sales performance reports to provide intuitive sales data for the business system. She enjoys compiling and analyzing various data, and is eager to share statistical logic and methodologies with her colleagues, actively addressing questions and confusion to make efforts to continuously enhancing the team's learning atmosphere. In addition, during departmental knowledge sharing sessions, she shares insightful books to cultivate and improve everyone's logical thinking.  


The work in the Sales Management Department is quite complex, so it is inevitable to encounter difficulties and misunderstandings in collaboration. However, Peng never complains. She approaches problems from different perspectives, coordinates the interests of all parties, and finds the best solutions to address the issues. Many colleagues admire her positive attitude at work. Peng believes that one's work attitude is sometimes more important than their abilities. She genuinely loves her work, considering it as her life's value, hence, she believes that any difficulty can be overcome.  


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