Monitoring of Water Supply Pipeline Leakage and Damage
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Monitoring of Water Supply Pipeline Leakage and Damage

1. Introduction

Since fewer and fewer drinking water left, the government aims to build a water-saving society. But the main challenge is the damage and leakage of the pipeline. Till now the most effective monitoring method is DMA (District Metering Area). By remote monitoring of water flow and water pressure of each working site in DMA, it is able to know the abnormal water supply and then locate the leakage accurately. In such way, it can reduce the pipeline leakage and damage effectively, also reduce the ratio of non-revenue water. 

district metering area

Urban water pipeline monitoring is mainly for monitoring the status of underground wells. Because of huge size, various applications, multiple physical quantities and hazardous environment for underground well, the MICRO SENSOR IoT team develops Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal. Matching products family includes magnetic flow meter, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, level sensor, ultrasonic level probe, radar sensor, industrial camera, abnormal well monitoring switch, etc. They are all IP68 protection with high reliability and cost-efficiency. Together with Earth1006, it can realize multiple monitoring of underground well.

water supply pipeline leakage monitoring topology

2. Functions

01. Monitoring online

02. Abnormal alarm

03. Water supply adjust

04. Graph analysis

05. Leakage analysis

06. Basic data for Adjust


3. Application

water supply pipeline leakage monitoring system

4. Production Introduction

Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal RTU

electromganetic flowmeter

ultrasonic flowmeter


5. Data Terminal

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform (PC)

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform (PC)

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform (Mobile)

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform (PC)


6. Micro Sensor IoT

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