How to Regulate the Pressure Intelligently in Natural Gas Pipeline Network System?

Date: 2021-Sep-07

How to Regulate the Pressure Intelligently in Natural Gas Pipeline Network System


As one of the important clean energy sources in China at this stage, natural gas is closely related to industrial production and people's livelihood. Therefore, the rational use of natural gas and its regulation and management has become an important part of urban construction. Currently, China primarily relies on pipelines for the storage and transportation of natural gas. The extensive pipeline network serves as a vital infrastructure for the smooth operation of cities, acting as the main transportation channel for natural gas.  

Intelligent Pressure Regulation System on Natural Gas Pipeline Network

The natural gas is flammable and explosive, whether the pressure and flow in the pipeline are always kept within a reasonable value range during transportation and use is an important factor for safe, stable, and continuous gas supply to downstream users. Consequently, precise monitoring and regulation of flow and pressure values within the natural gas pipeline system is crucial. This ensures a reduction in safety risks associated with the network and enhances the efficiency of management and regulation processes. By closely monitoring and controlling these parameters, authorities can proactively address potential issues, improve safety measures, and optimize the overall performance of the natural gas pipeline network.  


natural gas pipeline network system

At the same time, with the development of smart cities, industrial Internet of Things, and other industries, the demand for intelligent monitoring in industrial control, social livelihood and other aspects is increasing day by day. The intelligent pressure regulation capability of natural gas pipelines has also become an essential part of the upgrading of the gas industry for precise management and efficient operation. Therefore, as an important part of the system, intelligent pressure regulation equipment has also seen a sharp increase in demand.

How to Realize Remote Intelligent Adjustment by the Equipment?

Intelligent pressure regulation equipment acts as a relay station, precisely measuring the flow and pressure at nodes along the pipeline. The collected data is then transmitted to the execution unit, enabling real-time monitoring and remote operation of the pipeline system. This allows for prompt adjustments in gas supply balance within specific regions.

Nevertheless, decentralized pressure regulators face limitations due to power supply constraints. In contrast, intelligent pressure regulators overcome this challenge by utilizing front-end devices with lower power consumption. This puts forward higher and more applicable requirements for the sensors they use. Sensors used in intelligent pressure regulators need to reduce power consumption as much as possible on the premise of ensuring stability and accuracy, and the output of digital signals is more convenient for the reception and unified processing of the signal processing unit.

How to Choose the Right Sensor?

As mentioned above, high-precision, low-power consumption sensors are the core components of intelligent pressure regulation equipment. Sensors are the front-end and most sophisticated components of an intelligent pressure regulation system for natural gas pipeline networks, allowing for real-time measurements and ensuring accurate results. Thus, appropriate and specified sensor products are primarily for building a well functioning intelligent pressure regulation system.

Micro Sensor MPM3808 digital output pressure sensor can perfectly match the needs of industrial applications.

MPM3808 Specification

Pressure Range: -100kPa... 0kPa ~ 10kPa... 3.5MPa 

Overpressure: 1.5 times FS 

Output: Standard I2C or SPI interface protocol digital signal 

Accuracy: ± 0.25% FS, ± 0.5% FS (pressure) ± 1.5 °C (temperature) 

Power Supply: (5 ± 0.1) V DC, (3.3 ± 0.1) V DC 

Supply Current: 2.5mA (normal mode) 

5uA (low power mode standby state) 

Working Temperature: -10 °C~ 80 °C 


* Low power consumption, battery-powered operation and facilitates wireless transmission are available.

* Outputs pressure and temperature data conforming to I.C interface protocol or SPI interface protocol for direct connection to digital signal processing devices such as user PLCs and microcontrollers.

* Digital calibration and special temperature compensation circuit, sensor accuracy ± 0.5% FS (pressure).

* High sensor integration, simple structure, user-friendly.

* Excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no analogue output signals, strong anti-interference capability.

In addition to the natural gas pipeline network system, the MPM3808 I²C digital pressure sensor is suitable for a variety of complex working conditions due to its superior performance. It can be widely used in the detection of various fluid pressures compatible with stainless steel and fluorine rubber. MPM3808 can be applied in industries include natural gas industry, oil and gas production, transportation, recycling industry, instrumentation industry, smart city Internet of Things industry, fire protection and environmental protection industry, etc.

With the accelerated development of China's urbanization process, the natural gas pipeline network has become one of the important infrastructures for urban development, which is related to social livelihood and industrial production.

Along with the application of more sophisticated and smarter components and equipment, the intelligent upgrade of urban infrastructure, including natural gas pipeline networks and the combination with advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and the Internet +, are all important support for the construction of smart cities in the future.

Micro Sensor will continue to do research and development in the sensing field as always, insist on excellence and professional manufacturing, and is committed to providing customers with quality products and services. Work together to create a more efficient, smarter, and automated connected world!

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