Liquid Flow Detection in Oil and Gas Drilling Well

Date: 2022-Mar-31


With the increase in oil demand and the improvement of oil production technology, the volume of oil production wastewater treatment is increasing day by day. Effective treatment of oil production wastewater pollution and the utilization of wastewater resources has become a key issue for oilfield development.

The first thing to do in wastewater treatment is to accurately measure the wastewater produced. Only by accurately measuring the quantity of wastewater can we carry out scientific and reasonable wastewater treatment and wastewater dispatching. After the wastewater reaches the standard, most of it will be used as injection water for production and injected back into the formation.

Oil and Gas Drilling Well local site

(Southwest Petroleum Rig)

In this case, there were 6 wells distributed in the Southwest petroleum drilling rig. Three sets of surface testing processes were used to return, test, and trial mine the 6 wells of the rig. In the earlier-used turbine flow meters, the error between the meter measurement data and the measurement tank data reached more than 20%, which caused a great waste of on-site resources.

Onsite Difficulties

1. Oil production wastewater carries a large number of suspended solids, and the blades in the turbine flowmeter are prone to jamming and need to be disassembled and maintained regularly.

2. Turbine flowmeters used in different pipelines and process links are not universal, and field instrument maintenance is difficult.

3. The 2-inch pipeline flow is less than 70 m3 / day, and the turbine flowmeter cannot measure the micro-flow accurately.

4. It is easy to accumulate impurities at the lower end of the coupling device, which decreases the measurement accuracy, and even the small flow of some stations cannot be measured.

5. The temperature of oil production wastewater is high and contains different salts and other impurities, which easily corrode the turbine flowmeter.


Our Solution

According to the actual working environment of the customer's site, the current problems are high maintenance frequency and intensive workload for single maintenance. Micro Sensor has specially developed the MFE600 electromagnetic flowmeter that is suitable for field use. This flow meter has the following characteristics:

1. Custom-developed circuits and software according to the field can ensure the detection of small flow rates.

2. The special structural design of the sensor can withstand high temperature and high pressure.

3. The measuring pipe of the electromagnetic flowmeter has a through the diameter, and there are no flow-blocking components inside. It will not block and completely eliminate the work of regular disassembly and maintenance.

4. Choose anti-corrosive electrodes and lining materials to ensure long-term use of the instrument.

5. The communication interface and communication software are changed based on the customer’s needs, compatible with the customer's existing system, reducing the cost of replacing the instrument.

Liquid Flow Detection in Oil and Gas Drilling Well

Onsite Instruction

Some sites in the oil field cannot meet the installation requirements of 5D in front of the flow meter and 3D behind it (D is the inner diameter of the selected instrument) in the straight pipe sections.

The electromagnetic flowmeter owns calculation algorithms in electrodes, linings, circuit boards, and flange withstanding high-level pressure rating, and flexible application of RF and RTJ sealing method, thus it can be used to ensures stable performance in the field.

flowmeter in Oil and Gas Drilling Well

Onsite Application


The application of the MFE600 electromagnetic flowmeter solves the liquid discharge problem of the Southwest Petroleum Drilling Platform's metering platform. The metering process is stable and reliable, effective flow metering can still be performed at the later stage of the test (the daily liquid discharge is less than 100 square meters).

When the natural gas content in the pipeline is small, the fluctuation range is small, the whole is stable, and the production accidents caused by instrument blockage are effectively eliminated.


MFE600 Integrated Electromagnetic Flowmeter

MFE600 Integrated Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Range: DN10-DN800

Accuracy: 0.5 class

Lining: neoprene / polyurethane lining / PTFE / F46

Electrode Material: 316L / HB / HC / titanium / tantalum / platinum iridium / tungsten carbide

Communication: RS485 / RS232 / GPRS

Power Supply: 220V AC / 24V DC / battery

Explosion-proof version optional

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The specific plan for the electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the oil and gas drilling rig needs to refer to the actual situation. Our technical team will provide you with the best product solution according to the site environment. Feel free to contact us via or leave messages, our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.

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