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Pressure Sensor and Transmitters for Special Gas Pressure Measurement

Date: 2022-Mar-31


Gas pressure measurement widely exists in industrial process control fields to achieve better controlling and monitoring.

Different gases are different in nature, therefore different pressure sensors and transmitters are required for different gas pressure measurements. Several products are introduced below for pressure measurement of oxygen, hydrogen, and Chlorine.


Oxygen Pressure Measurement


oxygen pressure measure

There is around 21% oxygen by volume in the dry air. People extract oxygen from liquefied air and use oxygen in fields such as aerospace & aviation, energy, chemical, metallurgy, medical pharmacy, water treatment etc. Except for compressed oxygen, oxygen itself is not flammable or explosive, but combustion-supporting. For oxygen pressure measurement, the clean pressure sensors and transmitters with inert oil-filled are safer choices, which greatly reduces the risk of economic and time loss caused by maintenance or failure replacement.


Products for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

differential pressure sensor for oxxygen pressure measurement MDM4901FL


MDM4901FL differential pressure transmitter is designed for oxygen pressure measurement. The whole product is clean and it is Fluorolube? oil-filled which helps to prevent the oxidation reaction between the silicon oil and the oxygen, and the occurrence of an explosion effectively.

Meanwhile, the MDM4901FL differential pressure transmitter is produced under an oil-free process to meet the oxygen measurement requirements.

Besides MDM4901FL, we have other pressure sensors and transmitters for oxygen pressure measurement with intrinsic safe type, battery power type, and wireless monitoring type.


Hydrogen Pressure Measurement


hydrogen pressure measurement

Hydrogen (H2), is a gas that is extremely flammable, colorless, and odorless under normal temperature and pressure. Hydrogen has strong reducibility and is widely used in chemical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Since the atom of hydrogen is very small, it will diffuse through the lattice of the diaphragm (generally stainless steel), thereby penetrating into the cavity filled with the silicone oil. After long-term use, the infiltrated gas will damage the sensor.

While gold has low penetrability than stainless steel, a gold-plated diaphragm is an effective way to preventing hydrogen penetrating.


Products for Hydrogen Pressure Measurement

pressure transmitter for hydrogen measurement MPM4961HL

MPM4961HL pressure transmitter is specialized for hydrogen pressure measurement. It has a gold-plated diaphragm which helps to prevent hydrogen penetrating, ensuring long-term and stable performance.


Chlorine Pressure Measurement


chlorine pressure measurement

Chlorine gas (Cl2) is a yellow-green toxic gas and a strong oxidant that can oxidize with most substances.

Generally, steel, iron, copper, nickel, etc. are resistant to dry chlorine, but once chlorine gas is mixed with a small amount of water, it produces hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid, which are highly corrosive to most metals. So the pressure sensors and transmitters for chlorine pressure measure must have special anti-corrosive housing and diaphragm materials to ensure reliable and accurate measurement.


Products for Chlorine Pressure Measurement



pressure transmitter for chlorine pressure measurement mpm4961cl

Our MPM4961CL is a pressure transmitter specialized for chlorine pressure measurement. The pressure diaphragm and housing are made of full Titanium alloy to prevent chlorine media from corroding the measuring products, ensuring reliable and stable operation. At the same time, inert oil is filled in the pressure sensors as transferring media from the pressure diaphragm to the sensing die.


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