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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Applied in Oilfield Wastewater

Date: 2022-Mar-31

In the wastewater treatment process, it is essential to measure and control the amount of discharged wastewater, chemical additives, and sludge, etc. Before that, firstly the wastewater flow shall be measured, so does the oilfield wastewater measurement.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter Applied in Oilfield Wastewater

1. Site Situation

Before the treatment of the wastewater, it is essential to determine its composition. In the oilfield, there are ordinary wastewater and drilling well wastewater.

1) Ordinary Wastewater

The main composition consists of water, secondary clay minerals, RSH, RSR, RSSR, etc.

As the ordinary wastewater contains many impurities and strong acidity/alkaline, the electromagnetic flowmeter chosen shall be made with rubber or PTFE lining, together with stainless steel electrodes.

2) Drilling Well Wastewater

The main composition consists of well-drilling liquid and well-cleaning liquid. The main contaminants are drilling cuttings, petroleum, viscosity control agent (like clay), weighting agent, clay stabilizer, corrodent, preservative, bactericide, lubricant, stratigraphic affinity, defoamer, etc., and other elements like heavy metals in the drilling well wastewater as well.

As the drilling well wastewater consists of chemical compounds with complex compositions and has strong acidity/alkaline with corrosivity and some heavy metal ions,

The electromagnetic flowmeter chosen shall be made with PU or PFA lining, together with Tantalum or Hastelloy electrodes to ensure good stability and enhanced performance.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter Applied in Oilfield Wastewater

2. Solutions

The oilfield wastewater has variable ranges, impurities, and weak corrosion. Whether ordinary or drilling well wastewater contains a great number of ions with high electrical conductivity and it will not be affected by temperature, pressure, and viscosity, etc. Based on the factors above, the electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal product for the flow measurement of oilfield wastewater.

Besides, for wastewater measurement, the flow meters for large diameter are mainly separate types, with sensing part installed underground and the electric part installed on the ground; while the ones of small diameter are mainly integrated type. The electromagnetic flowmeters, especially with large diameter, have significant advantages applied in water supply and drainage and wastewater treatment industry.

MFE600 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is available for both separate and integrated types for site applications to meet customers’ requirements in wastewater or drilling well wastewater measurement.

MFE600 Electromagnetic Flow Meter:


MFE600 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The instrument has the advantages of simple and reliable construction, with no movable parts, and long service life.

  • There is no flow blocking or resisting components, hence no pressure loss or fluid blocking will occur.

  • There is no mechanical inertia. With a quick response and good stability, it is applicable for automatic testing, adjusting, and program control systems.

  • The measuring accuracy will not be affected by the media and their physical properties like temperature, viscosity, density, and pressure, etc.

  • Using PTFE, rubber, PU lining and Hc, Hb, 316L, Ti electrodes, it is applicable for different media.

  • Various wastewater measuring methods like pipe-type and plug-in-type are applied in the chemical industry.

  • The EEPROM storage unit is applied for safely storing and maintaining of the measured data.

  • Integrated and separate types are available.

  • Site installation of our flow meters shall be performed as per oilfield actual situation, our professional technical team will offer you the best solutions.

We have the standard technical system, strong technical support, and complete industry chain, promise to provide you with overall service. Feel free to contact us for more details.


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