Oil and Gas Recovery with Differential Pressure Transmitter at Oil Station

Date: 2022-Jan-29

With the rapid economic growth and the acceleration of the pace of social life, motor vehicles have become one of the most important ways of transportation for humans in the world. Survey shows that the number of cars in the world has now exceeded 1 billion, and every thousand people have 120 cars. In order to meet the demand of more and more motor vehicles, oil stations are very common and now can be seen everywhere in daily life. However, even small oil stations have complicated systems to ensure its safety and environmental friendliness. Due to the characteristics of gasoline, oil and gas will be generated during storage and transportation. In order to ensure normal use and operation, a large number of meters are applied in the gas station for monitoring.

Why Oil and Gas Recovery is So Important?

The scent of oil and gas is frequently noticeable at gas stations. If you smell a strong gasoline smell in a gas station, you need to pay attention that maybe the gas station's gas recovery is not up to standard. Why does oil and gas need to be recovered? We will demonstrate the importance of the following oil and gas recovery in three aspects.

oil gas

Environmental Protection

A photochemical reaction occurs between the olefinic hydrocarbons contained in the oil and gas and nitrogen oxides to produce photochemical smog, which belongs to PM2.5 particles, and will increase the ozone in the atmosphere. That will greatly pollute the environment. In addition, the benzene aromatic hydrocarbons contained in oil and gas are carcinogenic and endanger human health.

Safety Operation

Since most of the light oil products are volatile, flammable, and explosive substances, they are easy to accumulate. After forming an explosive mixture with air, they will accumulate in depressions or pipe trenches, prone to explosion or fire accidents in case of fire.

Economic Cost

Based on the investigation findings, there are economic losses resulting from gasoline loss occurring during the complete process of receiving, dispatching, storing, and transporting gasoline from the oil storage tank in the refinery to filling up automobile tanks. 

As above mentioned, the oil and gas recovery is quite important. Then How to?

How to recover oil and gas? The pressure monitoring of pipelines is the key.

In order to ensure the safety of operation and production during the entire process of oil and gas storage and transportation, and to reduce environmental pollution and economic losses as much as possible, the pipeline for oil and gas transportation must be in a closed state during oil and gas recovery. How to monitor the condition of the pipeline? Generally by monitoring the pipeline pressure and the trend of pressure changes to know whether the current oil and gas recovery system is leaking, whether the pressure vacuum valve is blocked, and whether the post-processing equipment is working normally.


In the complicated gas station pipelines, where does most oil and gas producers that need to be paid close attention to? What do we usually need to do after reach the gas station? That is refueling, and this is precisely one of the important ways to generate oil and gas during the operation of gas stations. Therefore, when refueling, it is necessary to closely monitor the oil and gas status for recovery that is a vacuum assisted oil and gas recovery system. The system uses external auxiliary power to refuel. Vacuum pressure will be generated during operation, and the escaped oil and gas will be recovered through the recovery pipe and fueling gun. The entire operation process requires that the pipeline pressure must be negative.

How can we control the pressure inside the pipeline? This requires precision monitoring instruments to monitor pressure of the pipeline. The reliable monitoring equipment guarantees the operation of the entire pipeline. Micro Sensor offers MDM3051S intelligent pressure/differential pressure transmitter, suitable for pressure monitoring of Oil Station Oil and Gas Recovery.

1. The system employs advanced, high-precision silicon sensor technology and utilises microprocessor electronics to establish communications with on-site equipment in order to transmit internal pipeline conditions in a timely manner.

2. Wide temperature compensation and stable performance, ensuring the accuracy in the measurement process.

3. The one-way overpressure has the capability to reach the rated pressure, while the static pressure limit can reach the rated working pressure. Excellent static pressure performance.

4. The protection pressure can be pressurized to both the high and low sides of the transmitter, ranging from 35mbar absolute pressure to the rated pressure. It is also possible for the protection pressure to exceed 1.5 times the rated pressure.  

pressure transmitter

pressure transmitter


pressure transmitter

MicroSensor's Solutions for Oil and Gas Recovery Monitoring at Oil Station to Ensure the Safety of Oil and Gas Recovery

At present, Micro Sensor has assisted a number of gas station oil and gas monitoring projects around the world, leading the new trend of monitoring in the petroleum industry through technology. The intelligent, accurate, and powerful excellent product performs stably and has won praise in many projects. In the future, Micro Sensor will continue to offer excellent monitoring instruments and solutions for oil and gas recovery monitoring. If you have any unique requirements for oil and gas recovery monitoring, feel free to contact us for custom-made products and solutions.


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