Pressure and Temperature Transmitter for Natural Gas Monitoring

Date: 2022-Jan-29

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Winter comes with cold temperature. The hot topic of "heating" once again appears in people's discussions. Today we will talk about the core of heating -"gas".

As a clean fuel, gas provides a high-quality and efficient energy supply for urban industry, commerce, and residents' lives. Improving the level of urban gasification is of great significance for ensuring the quality of life of residents, improving the urban environment, and increasing energy efficiency. Therefore, the development of gas systems has played a very important role in the modernization of cities.

With the increasing scale of urban gas pipelines, it is a general trend to ensure the safe operation of the gas pipelines, improve the risk prevention and control capabilities of the gas pipeline, and strengthen the intelligent and efficient deployment of the gas transmission and distribution system.

As one of the largest comprehensive professional exhibitions in the domestic gas industry, "GAS CHINA" represents the latest development trend and cutting-edge technology of the gas industry. As an outstanding representative of the R&D and manufacturing of domestic pressure sensors, Micro Sensor participated with products applied in the gas and heating industries to professionally help the intelligent upgrade of gas systems.


Urban gas station flow monitoring

The gas Turbine flowmeter is one of the key equipment in the metering system of urban gas gate stations. Its function is to accurately measure the flow of natural gas in a certain area as the main basis for gas fee settlement. This has higher requirements for its measurement accuracy and stability.

MPM3801GRF in gas turbine flowmeter

Micro Sensor MPM3801GRF digital pressure sensor is used as the core application in the gas turbine flowmeter. Through high-precision compensation and testing equipment, each transmitter has high accuracy, stability and consistency, which can effectively improve the accuracy of flow monitoring.




Monitoring of natural gas pipeline transportation system

From extraction to end-user use, natural gas has to go through a long pipeline of transportation, pressurization, filtration, odorization, pressure adjustment, high-pressure transportation and other processes. In this process, real-time monitoring of pressure, temperature, and flow in pipelines and equipment is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the system.

Micro Sensor has rich experience in pressure, temperature and flow monitoring, including MPM489CNG pressure transmitter, MPM483CNG pressure transmitter, MTM4831 temperature transmitter, MDM3051S intelligent pressure/differential pressure transmitter and many other products which are dedicated to real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature in gas pipelines and equipment.


MPM489 pressure transmitter


MPM483 pressure transmitter





Intelligent wireless monitoring of gas system

Micro Sensor MPM6861 explosion-proof wireless pressure transmitter can be used in the gas industry to effectively monitor the pressure of gas supply pipelines, obtain pressure warning information in time, and realize remote wireless real-time monitoring of the pipeline network. MPM6861 is battery-powered, can collect on-site pressure data information, and send the monitored data to the data center through the 4G wireless network, which solves the problems of poor accuracy, high energy consumption, and no early warning of gas pressure monitoring instruments in the past.




With the country’s efforts to promote clean energy, the construction of large-scale gas projects such as the "West-East Gas Transmission” and the construction of urban gas systems have brought huge development opportunities and markets to the gas industry. With years of experience accumulated in the gas industry, Micro Sensor has developed a series of targeted, industry-specific products and customized solutions. Regardless of the various application scenarios of the gas industry, you can work with Micro Sensor to jointly promote the new development of the gas industry.


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