Remote Wireless Level Monitoring of Oil Tanks with MPM489W Level Transmitter

Date: 2022-Jan-29

The demand for petroleum fuels in modern production operations is increasing. From refining to the sale of refined oil to end users in the form of gasoline, diesel and other commercial oils, it has experienced a complicated process including exploitation, crude oil transportation, refining, refined oil tank storage, fleet transportation, oil tanks storage at gas stations, and filling them into vehicles. 

With the increase of oil consumption and refueling stations, how to complete the replenishment of various oil products such as gas stations and upstream tanks in a timely and effective manner is a major challenge faced by major oil companies

gas stations

Traditional measurement methods are prone to errors, and the whole industry data monitoring urgently needs new methods

As an important strategic resource, petroleum fuels still use manual measuring to monitor the internal inventory of oil storage tanks in most cases. However, this method is prone to deviations, and real-time monitoring cannot be performed, thus it cannot make adjustment timely for emergencies which will cause economic losses of enterprises.

The emergence of the Internet of Things has allowed smart monitoring to gradually appear in the eyes of everyone. In practice, it has been applied to modern production processes, making remote tank level monitoring technology a brand new solution for oil fuels replenishment.

1.Reduce business operation and sales costs

2.Early warning and timely replenishment to prevent shortages

3.Storage inventory and historical usage provide data support for the production and operation of the enterprise.

Micro Sensor focuses on intelligent monitoring of oil tanks to help enterprise asset management

Micro Sensor provides professional remote monitoring solutions for petroleum oil replenishment. It uses liquid level transmitters to collect data from monitoring storage tank, and transmit the data to the monitoring terminal Earth1006, which is then connected to the big data management platform (Micro Sensor Big data management platform, or other third-party platforms). This platform helps visualize the collected data, support viewing both on mobile and PC multi-terminals, and can remotely set parameters, making management more intelligent and convenient. Customers can check the status and location distribution of the equipment through the GIS management system which supports the binding of managers with notify push of the abnormal information via emails.

Our remote tank level monitoring solution meets the need for real-time monitoring of the oil volume inside the storage tank. The data platform promptly reminds when the oil inside the tank needs to be replenished, and realizes the real-time dynamic monitoring of petroleum fuel level. It provides an accurate data reference basis for production operation and management decision-making. Due to the particularity of petroleum fuels, there are also strict requirements for monitoring equipment:

1. The monitoring equipment needs to be simple to debug and easy to use.

2. The system is easy to deploy without changing the tank structure.

3. Multi-party linkage to facilitate timely alarm and response to failures.

4. Due to the particularity of petroleum fuels, the monitoring products must be explosion-proof products.

Earth 1006

As a device that directly contacts the monitoring medium, the performance and material of the liquid level transmitter ensures its stability and accuracy in petroleum level measurement. Micro Sensor MPM489W liquid level transmitter stands out among thousands of monitoring equipment:

• Range: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200mH2O

• Output signal: 4mA~20mA DC (2-wire) 0V~5V/10V DC (3-wire) 0.5V~4.5V DC (3-wire)

• Integrated structure, no need for external adjustment, convenient operation and application

• Accuracy: ±0.5% FS, more accurate measurement

• Small size, light weight, good long-term stability, ensuring stable monitoring without changing the tank structure

• Probe is IP68 protected. It is not easy to be corroded by petroleum and can be used for longer

• RoHS/ ATEX / intrinsically safe explosion-proof

MPM489W liquid level transmitter

Micro Sensor provides professional technical solutions for remote wireless monitoring of oil tank liquid level, provides more accurate monitoring data for the production and operation of enterprises, and helps enterprises to conduct more reasonable asset management. If you have unique requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us via, and our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.


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