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OEM & ODM Custom Solutions for Smart Explosion-Proof Gauge/ Differential Pressure Transmitter

Date: 2021-Mar-14

MicroSensor is capable of custom design products and solutions for fluids measurement and control, both in general and process industries. In addition to standard products, we offer OEM services based on your unique needs and requirements since 1971. Focus on your individual needs, and provide exact solutions, MicroSensor are happy to support customers to maximize their value.

For the smart explosion-proof gauge/ differential pressure transmitters used in process industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, energy, food, and beverage, etc. MicroSensor provides intelligent pressure transmitters with high-performance monocrystalline silicon composite pressure sensing technology, performing high precision and strong stability. OEM/ODM solutions are available.

Customized items we can offer


Electrical connector options: M20x1.5, NPT ½ ''

Mask colors options: Red, Blue, Customized Logo

Cover colors options: White, Blue, or customization

Housing colors options: Blue or customization

Certificates with your company's name: CE/IECEX/CSA/ROHS/IEC

Solution applicable for various types

types of differential pressure transmitter

(Gauge, Absolute, Differential, Remote Diaphragm Seal) 

Basic specifications:

Accuracy: ±0.075%,±0.1%,±0.2%URL

Output signal: 4mA~20mA DC、4mA~20mA DC+HART、Modbus-RTU/RS485

Power supply: 10.5V/16.5V~55V DC

Protection rating: IP67

Product performance also is customizable as requested. Feel free to contact us via mail or leave the messages below.


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