Sensors Specialized for by Shield Machine
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Pressure Transmitter /Flow Meter

With broad application of engineering machines, shield machines have been applied as the most advanced large special equipment for tunnel piercing for many years till now.

As the leading pressure sensor manufacturer and provider in China, Micro Sensor develops a series of specialized pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for shield machines, providing reliable and stable pressure measuring and monitoring for the tanks and the mediums such as hydraulic oil, soil residue, slurry, foam etc. in the whole machine.


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The pressure sensors specialized for shield machines have been applied in:

 Chengdu Metro Line 10

 Xiamen Metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 3

 Nanjing Metro Line 2, Line 3, Line 4

 Guangzhou Metro Line 4 South Extension Right Line

 Jinan Metro Line R1, Line R2, Line R3

 Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, Line 2, South Extension Line to Airport

 Wuhan Metro Line 6

 Beijing Metro Line 6, Line 14

 Xi’an Metro Airport Line

 Tunnel shield project in Bangladesh


Pressure Transmitters Specialized for Shield Machine




Flow Meters Specialized for Shield Machine