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Wireless Monitoring Solution for Water Supply Pipeline

Date: 2022-Mar-31

Wireless Monitoring Solution for Water Supply Pipeline


A water company is responsible for the city's water supply. With more than 50 years of service experience, they adhere to the service theme of "qualified water supply and customer-oriented” and provide "quality, safety, and efficiency” services for thousands of families.

In order to solve the problem of water supply in remote areas, the water company uses our RTU wireless monitoring terminal to solve the pressure monitoring of the water supply network.


1. A real-time collection of the pressure of the water supply network is essential.

2. The pressure collection point data needs to be sent periodically.

3. The water supply network pressure is abnormally alarmed.

4. There is no power at the site.


Our wireless monitoring solution of the water supply network is mature and widely used. The Earth1006 wireless monitoring terminal is used to transmit the collected data to the data platform through the mobile network. Featuring high-frequency acquisition, abnormal data alarm at real-time, and timing data transmission, it is able to meet customer data monitoring needs.

In addition,?the MPM4893 pressure transmitter?is used to measure the pressure in the pipeline in real-time. The data is uploaded to the data platform through Earth1006. Customers can monitor the real-time pressure of the pipe network through wireless terminals such as computers and mobile phones to view the data they need.


underground water pipeline monitoring

Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal solves problems as below:

1. Data analysis of monitoring point:

(1) Based on the daily, monthly, and annual water pressure data of the monitoring point, it conducts comparative analysis and generates analysis curves for customers to understand the data of the water pressure monitoring points in each time period more intuitively.

(2) It can predict the water pressure change that may occur in the lower stage by analyzing the water pressure monitoring point.

(3) Through the analysis of big data, adjustments can be made in advance to ensure that the water pressure meets national standards at any time.

2. Abnormally alarm:

In order to strengthen the online monitoring of water pressure and improve the data anomalies monitoring efficiency, the equipment provides a highly real-time alarm function. Once the data is abnormal at the water pressure monitoring station, alarm information will report to the data platform immediately. After receiving the alarm, the data platform will display an obvious alarm screen and alarm information. All alarm information is recorded in the corresponding site alarm library according to the water pressure monitoring station. The data can be observed online through the computer and mobile.

3. It is an ultra-low power consumption terminal (ultra-low power consumption control and measuring terminal) with global bans wireless transmission.

The mobile operator is not limited. It is low power consumption with a long battery life span, thus solves d the problem that the field cannot be powered in remote areas.



Earth1006 Wireless Remote Monitoring Terminal

Earth1006 Wireless Remote Monitoring Terminal

Battery-powered, ultra-low power consumption, long standby time;

IP68 protection, wireless communication, integrated monitoring equipment for multiple sensor signal acquisition.

MPM4893 Pressure Transmitter

MPM4893 Pressure Transmitter


Economical piezoresistive pressure transmitter

PA housing, IP68

Compensated temperature: 0~60°C


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