Session 1: How did pressure sensors move into large-scale production?

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Lesson one: Factory Secret, Analysis of Pressure Sensor Production Technology.

There are 5 sessions of lesson 1 and here in session one, how did pressure sensors move into large-scale production?


The sensors are the first important thing to connect the world of things. In recent years, sensors have become an increasingly hot topic, so what exactly is a sensor and how is it manufactured?


Before we talk about the manufacturing process of pressure sensors, let's talk about the development history of pressure sensors.

Development History 

The state of development of pressure sensors is largely determined by the development of MEMS chips, which are essentially semiconductor sensors.


In 1954, the great C.S. Smith discovered the piezoresistive effect of silicon and germanium. That is, when an external force is applied to a semiconductor material, its resistance will change significantly. Based on this principle, a strain resistor was glued to a metal film to convert the force signal into an electrical signal, thus enabling pressure measurement. This is how piezoresistive pressure sensors were born. Subsequently, along with the silicon diffusion technology, each anisotropic corrosion technology and after the 80's micro-processing technology, gradually bring the pressure sensor to the micron level and the large volume development stage.


Production Processes 

The main production processes of pressure sensors are gluing - binding - diaphragm welding - oil filling - sealing - pressure impact- aging - temperature compensation - resistance adjustment - inspection and so on.


As far as the sensor itself is concerned, there is no absolute good or bad, but its production process level has a decisive influence on the performance.


Micro Sensor’s research and production of pressure sensors originated in the 1970s, and this production line can be said to have gone through a lot of vicissitudes, bearing half of the history of pressure sensors in China. After decades of development, it has been an important advanced manufacturing space integrating digitalization, automation, and flexibilization, bearing the manufacturing tasks of our first products such as MPM280, MPM281, and MPM283.


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