Flow Measurement for Chemical Raw Materials Ratio
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1. Chemical acid/alkali medium measurement

2. Accurate measurement of small flow


A customer needs a dosing device in the production process of high-end paper products, and different raw materials in the liquid storage tank are added during the production through a metering pump according to a certain ratio.

Since the raw materials are relatively expensive such as water repellent and oil repellent etc. and the addition amount of each material in the proportioning scheme is relatively small, the flow range of various working conditions needs to be controlled at 60 L/H to 1000 L/H. For a metering pump with 3% accuracy, although the displacement can be measured stably, it is difficult to accurately and reliably measure the proportion of the added materials.


(1) Different acid-based media in the range of PH2~9

(2) Small flow rate (minimum tens of L/H)

(3) Accurate measurement

(4) Good long-term stability


According to the customer's requirements, our flow meter technology team solves the problems through “customization”.

(1) Customized production of a variety of small diameter flow measurement and control products like DN6, DN10, and DN15.

(2) Selecting electrode materials such as tantalum for different acid-based media.



After intense production and manufacturing, the flow meters are delivered to the customer for installation and commissioning. The operation effect has reached the expected requirements. It can measure and add materials accurately, realize the proportion addition of different raw materials scientifically, thus, save the raw material cost for users, and realize the standardized and intelligent production smoothly.

flow measurement for chemical raw materials ratio


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