Flow Meter Applied in Sewage Treatment Process
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The environmental tax law was officially implemented on January 1, 2018. The positive incentive mechanism of environmental protection tax “multiple discharges multiple taxes, less discharges less tax, and no discharge no tax” has played a preliminary role in encouraging energy conservation and emission reduction, guiding green production, and promoting the high-quality development reform benefits. It helps to realize "one decrease, two increases and three promotions".


“One decrease” means reducing pollutant emissions; “Two increases” means increasing tax incentives and increasing investment in environmental protection; “Three promotion” is to promote centralized treatment of pollutants, promote cleaner production, and promote recycling use.

Regardless of “multiple discharges multiple taxes, less discharges less tax, and no discharge no tax” or "one decrease, two increase and three promotion", one of the core links involved in sewage control is sewage metering.


1. Poor installation environment for the sewage metering point. Some instruments are under flooding for a long time so that the management personnel cannot maintain the instrument;

2. The process installation does not meet the requirements of the flow meter. It includes:

a. The current flow meters are speed meters which have strict straight pipe requirements generally.

b. The production and domestic water pipelines require uninterrupted transportation. Without metering bypass pipelines, it is impossible to achieve regular off-line verification, maintenance of the instrument and high accuracy.

c. Since mostflow meter is selected based on the diameter of the process pipeline not the water flow, the meter may run under or over the selected range for a long time, even with conditions that flows in half pipelines.

3. The sewage differs in industries, such as various organic and inorganic pollutants, solid-liquid two-phase sewage etc. It is difficult to use the same instrument for measurement.


Depending on the characteristics of the sewage and the customers’ budget, speed flow meters are most suitable. Common speed flow meters include electromagnetic flow meters , turbine flow meters, vortex flow metersultrasonic flow meters and so on.

In speed flow meters, we recommend electromagnetic flow meter and here is the reason:

(1) The contact parts of the electromagnetic flow meter with the medium are electrodes and linings. Different linings and electrodes can be used to satisfy various complicated working conditions;

(2) The measuring channel of electromagnetic flow meter is a smooth straight pipe without obstructed component, which is particularly suitable for measuring a liquid-solid two-phase flow containing solid particles or fibers.



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Sewage Measurement After Treatment 

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Application on Sewage Treatment Equipment


MFE600 Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter

A variety of electrode and lining material optional

Diverse communication methods

4-20mA, frequency / pulse output, RS485/232

HART, Profibus, wireless communication, etc.

Suitable for a variety of media measurements


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