Geothermal Resource Monitoring Solution

Date: 2022-Mar-31


Xiong'an New District, located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, is rich in karst heat storage with a large number of geothermal resources. Its heat flow value is the highest in the Jizhong sag.



There are a large number of geothermal wells that can be controlled in Xiong'an New District. In order to realize the sustainable development of Xiong'an New District, the relevant departments will implement comprehensive control over the hot mining wells in the jurisdiction, and monitor real-time flow, temperature, and water level data of the hot well mined and disposal water. The specific measurement requirements are as follows:

1. Flow monitoring of the amount of mined water and returned water.

2. Temperature monitoring of the mined and returned water.

3. Water level monitoring in the mining well.

4.?Real-time monitoring data transmission wirelessly and remotely to the supervision department control center.


heat exchange station system diagram



The installation conditions of the electromagnetic flowmeter in the heat exchanger station:

The site is mostly a heat station that has been built and put into use. The electromagnetic flow meter and temperature transmitters can be equipped in the primary pipe network and the secondary pipe network as needed.


geothermal resource monitoring solution


The requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter installation:

electromganetic flowmeter installation


1. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the pipe-type electromagnetic flow meter, the straight pipe sections before and after the electromagnetic flowmeter should meet the requirements of a certain straight pipe section during installation. According to the test standard requirements of GJ1033-2007 "Electromagnetic Flowmeter Verification Regulations", usually the front straight pipe section should reach 5D or above, and the rear straight pipe section should be 3D or above;

2. The electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed vertically and horizontally. The site is mostly horizontally installed so that the electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes are at the same level and keep the pipe network full.

3. Since the electromagnetic flowmeter measures the weak potential, good grounding is necessary to ensure the stable operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Generally, the grounding is realized by the grounding ring or the reference electrode in the sensor and the grounding connection of the pipeline system;

4. There should be no strong leakage current in the pipeline installed with the electromagnetic flow meter. It should be as far away as possible from equipment with strong electromagnetic fields to avoid electromagnetic field interference such as large motors, large transformers, and inverters, etc.


According to the on-site pipe network, the solution includes the MFE600 series integrated electromagnetic flowmeter, supporting the Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal, MPM4700 intelligent liquid level transmitter and MTM integrated temperature transmitter.

flowmeter and remote terminal unit RTU

pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter




monitoring onsite

Real-time monitoring data of electromagnetic flowmeter, temperature transmitter, and liquid level transmitter is integrated into the Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal?RTU through digital RS485 or analog 4-20mA and then is transmitted to the regulatory department Data platform by using the operator's public network wireless cloud.

Visit to check real-time data of each monitoring spots.



MFE600 electromagnetic flowmeter has approved CE and explosion-proof certificates.

CE and explosion-proof certification


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Flow rate, temperature, liquid level, and RTU applied in thermal well monitoring should refer to the actual situation. Micro Sensor flow technology team will provide you customized product solutions according to the site environment. Feel free to contact us via or leave messages.

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