Aerial Work Platform Pressure Monitoring

Application Introduction

Aerial work platforms utilize hydraulic equipment for platform elevation to achieve high-altitude operations. In some fields, pressure transmitters are required to enable monitoring of operating conditions and fault diagnosis capabilities.

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Application Challenges:

1. Equipment generates vibrations during operation.
2. Instantaneous overpressure may damage instruments.
3. Electromagnetic interference causes unstable signal output.


Solution Advantages:

1. Utilizing silicon fusion technology for high sensitivity and strong stability.
2. High overload capacity, vibration-resistant, and impact-resistant.
3. Single or dual output options available.
4. Customization service supported.

Hydraulic Device Instrumentation for Special Applications
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The implementation of the ISO:14000 environmental management system and ISO 18000 occupational health management system in Micro Sensor went smoothly.

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OEM & ODM Custom Solutions for Smart Explosion-Proof Gauge/ Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Brief Overview of Pressure Sensors

Micro Sensor offers a series of piezoresistive pressure sensors for general pressure measurement applications like pipelines and water tanks in industrial process control, petroleum, etc.

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  • Agriculture Irrigation

    Pressure and Flow Monitoring for Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Station

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  • Heat Exchange Station

    Heat Exchange Station Heating System Monitoring

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  • Hydrology

    River Monitoring

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  • Petroleum Oil

    Oil and Gas Transportation and Distribution System Monitoring

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