Deionized Water Cleaning Equipment Monitoring

Application Introduction

Deionized water is commonly used in industrial manufacturing cleaning processes, and its production requires monitoring to ensure the target pressure values are achieved. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the inlet and outlet for any blockages or leaks, ensuring the normal operation of the production process.

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Deionized Water Cleaning Equipment Monitoring

Application Challenges:

1. Stable product performance and strong pressure resistance.
2. High-accuracy products to ensure a smooth production process.
3. Harsh working conditions and corrosive environments.


Solution Advantages:

1. Customizable products with higher accuracy according to requirements.
2. IP68 protection rating.
3. Digital display pressure monitoring products available for data viewing.

Deionizer Cleaning Equipment Instrumentation for Special Applications
Pressure Measurement
Level Measurement
Flow measurement
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Recently, the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus in Wuhan is touching. In order for better epidemic protection, we will return to office till Feb. 10, 2020, insteadofFeb.3,2020 in accordance with the requirements of the local government on the delay in resuming work.

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