Pressure Switches

With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing pressure switches since 1971, MicroSensor offers intelligent pressure switches integrated pressure measuring, display, and controlling together, suitable for gases, liquids pressure measurement, smart pressure transmitting controllers which integrate pressure measurement, display, transmitting and control with LED display for real-time monitoring. The pressure switches can be widely used for industrial site pressure control in the pump, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

The pressure switches are able to visually process the pressure and switch contacts status through switch output, analog output, and display screen. It has various output signals including PNP, current, and relay for different applications. The Pressure transmitting controller can be applied for long-distance pressure measurement and control in the equipment automatic pressure detection, action control and water level alarm, etc. The available intrinsically safe pressure switches conform to GB3836.1 and GB3836.4 standards and have explosion-proof certification.

Multi-functional Intelligent Pressure Transmitting Controller

Multi-functional Intelligent Pressure Transmitting Controller


Gauge -0.1…0~0.01…1000bar
Control under Max.5 relay
Long-term stability: ≤+0.5%FS/year

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Multi-functional Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitting Controller

Multi-functional Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitting Controller


Accuracy: ±0.25%FS(typ.)
analog 4~20mADC, 0~10/20mADC or 0/1~5VDC; digital RS485

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Pressure Transmitting Controller

Pressure Transmitting Controller


Overpressure: 1.5 FS
Accuracy: ≤±0.25%FS; ≤±0.5%FS
Operation Temp.(controller): -25℃ ~65℃

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Differential Pressure Transmitting Controller

Differential Pressure Transmitting Controller


Range: 0bar~0.35bar... 35bar
Display: 4 digit 0.56 inch 14-segment LED
Output: 4~20mA DC, 0~10V DC

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Pressure Switches and The Applications

Generally, pressure switches are divided into two types, electronic and mechanical type. For the electronic pressure switch, the front part uses a piezoresistive pressure sensor with an isolated diaphragm as the sensing element, the sensor output signal is amplified by a high accurate and low temperature drift circuit, transferring into A/D convertor and transforming into digital signal. The processed signal controls two relays and then measures and monitors pressure.  Mechanical pressure switches are further divided according to the form and construction of the pressure-sensing component.


·Power station

·Tap water



·Engineer and liquid pressure

What is the Difference between Pressure Sensors and Pressure Switches?

A pressure sensing element and a circuit constitute the pressure sensor, which outputs a current or voltage signal in response to slight variations in the medium pressure recorded by the pressure sensing element.

The pressure switch is a utility instrument that automatically turns on or off when the set value is reached according to the set pressure. To complete the process from pressure sensing to control display, pressure sensors frequently need to be utilized in conjunction with external amplifier circuits. The measurement and control system must process, analyze, store, and control the pressure sensor signal in order for engineering control and industrial automation equipment to be more intelligent. When pressure is detected, the pressure switch can operate on its own without assistance.

A pressure switch is a device that gets triggered by changes in pressure to turn off a certain system. A pressure point in the differential pressure switch works to ensure that the switch goes off. To make things easier at Micro Sensor, we have developed intelligent digital pressure switches that can be monitored from a distance. It helps when one is running a big operation and needs to measure everything as they move along.

You can get a water pressure switch or a differential pressure switch for water, which is perfect for monitoring the pressure in water or any other liquid. It goes a long way to ensure that whatever is being pumped goes on at the right pressure. A sudden drop or rise in the pressure during pumping can mean a leak somewhere that needs to be investigated. Learning all about it ensures a company stays safe with all its operations. 

At Micro Sensor, we have several options of pressure switches for you to choose from. They can be used with different mediums, which makes them so versatile. Check out switches from MicroSensor and pick one that will revolutionize your business. 



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