MVR Evaporation System Pressure, Temperature, and Flow Monitoring

Application Introduction

The MVR evaporation equipment requires the use of intelligent pressure transmitters to monitor the liquid level in the separator for feed control. It also monitors the liquid level in the condensate tank, providing timely water replenishment for the condenser, allowing it to condense rapidly. Concurrently, the liquid level height of the raw material tank and the mother liquor tank is monitored. When the liquid level is depleted, raw liquid is added to maintain the normal progress of the process. Intelligent temperature transmitters are used to monitor the steam temperature in the heater, continuously heating the raw liquid for the separation of the solution and the solute. It also monitors the temperature of the separator cavity for efficient separation of the solute and solvent. Flowmeters are used to calculate the volume of the raw material liquid in the feed pump, accumulating the flow.

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Application Challenges:

During the evaporation stage of industrial wastewater, the medium is typically in a high temperature and high pressure state within a sealed pressure vessel, exhibiting corrosiveness. Simultaneously, due to changes in environmental temperature, the medium being measured may solidify or crystallize. Each time a batch of medium is replaced, the measuring head must be thoroughly cleaned. In the case of suspended liquids and high viscosity media, the measuring head must be kept clean and sanitary.


Solution Advantages:

1. Supplying flange diaphragm intelligent pressure transmitters, easy-to-clean, filled with high-temperature resistant silicone oil in the capillary, offering corrosion resistance and high accuracy.
2. Furnished with temperature transmitters to monitor steam and cavity temperatures.
3. High IP rating, long lifespan, and reduced manual maintenance.

Wastewater Treatment Instrumentation for Special Applications
Pressure Measurement
Level Measurement
  • Smart Level Transmitter

    ±0.075% Accuracy with Stable Performance

    Range: 0.4bar~30bar
    Output Signal: 4mA~20mA DC+HART
    Working Temperature: -10℃ ~85℃

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Temperature Measurement
Flow measurement
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Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

For pressure measurement of viscous media, the pressure hole of thread on the pressure sensor may be blocked by the media after long time use, thus, affecting the accuracy eventually.

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  • Hydrology

    River Monitoring

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  • Coffee Machine

    Coffee Machine Pressure Monitoring

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  • Petroleum Oil

    Oil, Gas, Water Storage Tank Monitoring

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    Injection Molding Machine Hydraulic Oil Circuit System Monitoring

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