Explosion-proof Level Transmitters

Micro Sensor provides high-quality level transmitters designed for specific applications. The MPM4809TD is specifically designed for reliable monitoring of diesel levels. On the other hand, the MPM436W is tailored for low-level ranges, such as 0.5m. The MPM4810 and MPM4811 are dual-level transducers that also provide temperature measurements, functioning similar to temperature transmitters. For contactless level measurement, we offer radar level transmitters and ultrasonic level transmitters as alternate options.
4~20mA ( 2 )
Voltage Output ( 2 )
mV ( 0 )
RS485-Customised ( 1 )
RS485-Modbus ( 1 )
HART ( 0 )
Φ26mm ( 2 )
<Φ26mm ( 1 )
>Φ26mm ( 1 )
Accuracy (Typ)
≤0.10%FS ( 0 )
0.25%FS ( 2 )
≥0.50%FS ( 2 )
Product Type
Transmitter ( 2 )
Switch ( 0 )
Contact Type
submersible ( 2 )
contactless ( 0 )
Submersible Level Transmitter for Fuel and Chemicals Measurement

Submersible Level Transmitter for Fuel and Chemicals Measurement

MPM426W Series

Fully welded structure, FFKM sealing ring and various cables like PUR, PFA optional
Output mode: 4mA~20mA, 1V~5V, 0.5V~4.5V...RS485-Modbus, etc.
Magnetic end cap for mobile tanks measurement and NPT1/4 male thread connection for side mounting of tank bottom
Low power consumption
Submersible Level Transmitter

Submersible Level Transmitter


0m~1m…200m H2O
Accuracy: ±0.5%FS



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