Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Micro Sensor offers piezoresistive pressure sensors with pressure ranges from 70 mbar to 1000 bar, 1 to 14500 psi, and media compatibility for accurate pressure measurement of fluids. They are available with mV output signals and wide temperature compensation. These basic piezoresistive pressure sensors can be customized to unique materials, constructions and pressure ports, etc.
Pressure Range
≤1bar ( 5 )
≤35bar ( 7 )
>35bar ( 7 )
Power Supply
≤2.0mA DC ( 6 )
10V DC (100±2 mV) ( 1 )
3.0V~5.5V DC ( 1 )
19mm ( 7 )
15mm ( 0 )
≤12.6mm ( 1 )
26mm ( 0 )
18mm ( 0 )
15mm ( 3 )
13.5mm ( 1 )
12mm ( 0 )
11.5mm ( 3 )
10.5mm ( 0 )
6.5mm ( 1 )
Temperature Compensation
0~50℃ ( 3 )
0~70℃ ( 5 )
-10~80℃ ( 3 )
Other Options
Sanitary ( 0 )
Flush Diaphragm ( 0 )
Anti-Corrosive ( 0 )
With Temp. ( 0 )
Voltage Output Pressure Sensor

Voltage Output Pressure Sensor


Range: -1bar…-0.35bar ~ 0bar ~0.35bar…700bar
No need for re-calibration for users, high precision
Customizable dimensions
Medium-Isolated Pressure Sensor

Medium-Isolated Pressure Sensor


Nonlinearity: ±0.1%FS
Wide compensated temperature range of -20℃~85℃
Long-term stability: ± 0.1%FS/Year
±1.0% Interchangeable Span (provided by gain set resistor)
Hydrogen Pressure Sensor

Hydrogen Pressure Sensor


Gold plated
Gauge, sealed gauge, absolute
Thread Connected Pressure Sensor

Thread Connected Pressure Sensor


Φ12×13.5mm M14×1.5-6g
100Bar ‒ 1000Bar
Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor


High Stable Pressure Sensor

High Stable Pressure Sensor


-10~80℃ Compensated
Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor


Constant Voltage Supply
Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor


0~70℃ Compensated

How Does a Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Work?

Piezoresistive pressure sensors are based on the piezoresistive effect, which refers to the phenomenon that the resistance of a semiconductor changes when it is subjected to external force. Piezoresistive pressure sensors are usually made of four equal-value resistor strain elements on a silicon chip, forming a Wheatstone bridge. The silicon chip is the "heart" of the pressure sensor. When subjected to pressure, the resistance of the circuit on the chip changes accordingly. The resistance of one pair of arms becomes more significant, while the resistance of the other becomes smaller. When the bridge is out of balance, it will output a voltage proportional to the pressure. The pressure sensor converts pressure into an electrical signal output when working.

Simply put, the working principle of the piezoresistive pressure sensor is based on the change in the resistance value of the sensing element caused by pressure. The measuring circuit converts the varying voltage signal into an output signal proportional to the pressure.

Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors VS. Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

Piezoresistive and piezoelectric pressure sensors are two commonly used types of sensors for measuring pressure. The differences are as follows:

Working Principles

Piezoresistive Effect

 (strain after stress)

Piezoelectric Effect
Physical QuantityResistanceElectric Charge
Elements MaterialsPiezoresistive materials such as silicon, metal, etc.Piezoelectric crystal or ceramic
Measurement TypeStaticDynamic
ApplicationIndustrial process, medical equipmentAerospace, Acoustic measurement
AdvantageHigh precision, reliability, durabilityHigh sensitivity, fast response time

MicroSenor Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Advantages

• Higher Sensitivity

Sensitivity can express the degree of amplification of the input signal by the sensor in practical applications. The piezoresistive pressure sensor can be more sensitive and accurate when detecting small changes in pressure. MicroSensor's higher sensitivity pressure sensor provides more reliable and stable measurement.

• Smaller Temperature Error

Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors are temperature sensitive. At present, Micro Sensor's silicon piezoresistive sensors have fully adopted laser trimming technology and related algorithms. A dedicated processing chip or application circuit performs temperature compensation under software operation. This allows silicon piezoresistive sensors to achieve smaller temperature errors and better stability.

• Better Long-Term Stability

The main factors affecting long-term stability are its own structure, manufacturing process and environmental adaptability. Micro Sensor's sensors undergo pressure and fatigue tests in strict accordance with process requirements during the production process. The output values of the tested sensors are essentially unaffected even by changes in external temperature and pressure.

In addition, piezoresistive sensors also have the characteristics of easy miniaturization, wide measurement range and high accuracy.



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