Sanitary Pressure Sensors

Sanitary pressure sensors are specialized for use in clean and hygienic environments. The common applications are pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and biotechnology industries. Sanitary design reaches the requirements of easy cleaning and easy installation. It ensures the safety and quality of the manufactured products. MicroSensor hygienic pressure offers optional pressure ranges and configurations to suit different applications.
Pressure Range
≤1bar ( 4 )
≤35bar ( 4 )
>35bar ( 1 )
Power Supply
≤2.0mA DC ( 4 )
10V DC (100±2 mV) ( 0 )
3.0V~5.5V DC ( 0 )
19mm ( 4 )
15mm ( 0 )
≤12.6mm ( 0 )
26mm ( 0 )
18mm ( 0 )
15mm ( 0 )
13.5mm ( 1 )
12mm ( 0 )
11.5mm ( 0 )
10.5mm ( 0 )
6.5mm ( 0 )
Temperature Compensation
0~50℃ ( 4 )
0~70℃ ( 0 )
-10~80℃ ( 0 )
Other Options
Sanitary ( 2 )
Flush Diaphragm ( 2 )
Anti-Corrosive ( 0 )
With Temp. ( 0 )
Hygienic Pressure Sensor

Hygienic Pressure Sensor


Standard DN25 Clamp Connection
Sanitary Pressure Sensor

Sanitary Pressure Sensor


Standard DN25 Clamp Connection
Flat Membrane Pressure Sensor

Flat Membrane Pressure Sensor


Flush Membrane
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor


M20x1.5, R1/2, G1/2
Flush Diaphragm

Hygienic Pressure Sensors Fluids Monitor Applications

1. Monitor and control pressure during food and beverage processing, such as filling, sterilization, and cleaning.

2.  In pharmaceutical production pipelines, reactors and filling equipment, pressure measuring ensures the stability and consistency of the production process.

3. For the biotechnology industry, pressure sensors monitor changes during fermentation and filtration processes.

Benefits of a Sanitary Pressure Sensor

Sanitary pressure sensors comply with application requirements for pressure and level measurement in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical industries.

When measuring viscous fluids or media-containing particles, accumulation on the diaphragm can affect the accuracy of the pressure measurement. The diaphragm of sanitary sensors adopts flush diaphragm design. The flush diaphragm structure can minimize the accumulation of impurities. 

On the other hand, the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries require frequent cleaning of containers and pipelines. Flush Membrane is easy to remove and clean. This saves even more downtime when cleaning vessels and pipes.

MicroSensor provides a wide range of measurement ranges, pressure connections, and other optional configurations to meet customers' specific hygienic pressure sensor needs.



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