Micro Sensor Makes a Splash at Sensor China Expo & Conference 2023

Date: 2023-Sep-19


Sensor China Expo & Conference 2023 is the top event in the sensor industry. Micro Sensor and its subsidiary LEEG attracted many attendees with their products and solutions.

Micro Sensor at Sensor China

MicroSensor Subsidiary

Innovative Products

MicroSensor brings three series of products: sensors, transmitters and process industry products. The booth has multiple themed exhibition areas. Key solutions include: gold-plated MPM280Au special media measurement; I²C digital output solution represented by MPM258.

MPM258 Pressure SensorMPM280Au Pressure Sensor


 Electromagnetic Flowmeter


 Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Additionally, the booth showcased:

• MPM480GH Hydrogen Gas Measurement Sensor

• MPM426W Series designed for measuring petroleum and chemicals

• MDM7100 monocrystalline silicon intelligent pressure transmitter

• MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter

The wonderful display attracted media attention. Media interviews provide in-depth conversations about products and technologies, revealing current trends and opportunities in the sensing industry.

media attention on Micro Sensor

Forums and Awards

More than ten sensing companies and industry experts gave speeches at The 8th Pressure Sensor Innovation Industry Forum. Speakers talk about cutting-edge technologies and innovative products. They also provide valuable insights into sensor field developments.

Micro Senso at Sensor China Conference

Micro Sensor has launched its flagship product here - the high-precision and stable MPM281Pro. The MPM281Pro is designed with precise applications in mind. Product performance is superior to its predecessors. It can be used in industries such as healthcare and aerospace.

highly accurate and stable pressure sensor

To recognize the contribution of women in the sensor industry, Sensor China presented the "Women of the Year Award" to women. Zhang Mei, deputy general manager of Micro Sensors.

Woman of the Year Award

Sensor China may have come to an end. Micro Sensor remains committed to providing excellent products and forward-looking solutions. Stay tuned for our next presentation!


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Long-term stability: ±0.1%SPAN/5years
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Wide compensated temperature range of -20℃~85℃
Long-term stability: ± 0.1%FS/Year
±1.0% Interchangeable Span (provided by gain set resistor)

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