The 6th New Employee Training of Micro Sensor was Successfully Concluded

Date: 2023-Sep-12

Micro Sensor's new employee training was successfully concluded in Baoji, Shaanxi, China.


Training Courses

During the training process, 18 new employees learned about the company's development history and product line-related knowledge. In addition, they are familiar with the management processes and regulations of the company's various business units.

Motivational Speech

Mr. Zhao, the CEO, warmly welcomed the new employees who joined the company. He draws on the story of Steve Jobs to emphasize the importance of maintaining a thirst for knowledge and humility in both professional and personal life. He expressed the hope that new employees can grow together in the excellent heritage of Micro Sensors and realize their career ambitions.

Event Highlights

Activity Highlights

New hire orientation provides new employees with important insights. During the training, the host actively guided the trainees to participate in team-building activities and complete group cooperation. These events are designed to enhance mutual understanding and facilitate seamless integration of new employees into the company culture.

Activity Highlights

Training is vital in employees' future career development. With the help of facilitators, employees were actively participant in activities. Team-building activities and group assignments facilitated mutual understanding and promoted seamless integration of the new employees into Micro Sensor's culture. 

Awards Ceremony

Award Presentation

One team of four outstanding employees finally won the title of "Excellent team" after two-days intensive training. In addition, other five exceptional individuals were awarded the title of "Outstanding employees." Mr. Duan Jiuxun, Director of the Sensor Business Division, issued certificates to them. 

Closing Words

This training program garnered high acclaim and appreciation from the participants. One employee enthusiastically remarked, "In addition to the invaluable knowledge gained, the training fostered meaningful friendships among colleagues." 

And that's a wrap for this training session! We genuinely hope that every participant from Micro Sensor will keep on growing, and we can't wait to see them excel in their careers!  


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